Denso Is Like Flipboard For Video [Review]



Denso is a little bit like Flipboard, but just for video content. Open it up, and you’ll see a selection of curated and branded channels that you can subscribe to on your iPhone or iPad.

There are some big names here. News outlets like CNBC, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera. But there’s other stuff too, like National Geographic, How Stuff Works, NASA, TED, and more tech blogs than you can shake an iPhone at.

It does more. You can link it to Facebook to keep your Densos on different devices in sync. You can link it up to Twitter, Google Reader and Tumblr, and watch all the videos from your various feeds inside Denso. There’s a nice “Watch Later” feature, so you can flick through all the channels and pick out stuff to watch when it suits you. It hooks up to Instapaper too, so you can use Watch Later with that.

The app is free, the videos are free. The only other free thing you need is time to sit down and watch it all. Be warned, this app will make you late for meetings, or keep you up way past your bedtime. When your eyes are bored and your diary is empty, it’s the perfect way of killing and / or wasting time.

I’ll confess: I’m not a big TV watcher. But even I like Denso, and I didn’t think that I would. It’s cool.

[xrr rating=80%]