This Free App Can Crack Apple’s iBooks DRM



The DRM restriction that prevents Apple’s iBooks from being opened on other devices can now be removed by the latest version of a free DRM removal tool. Requiem 3.3, a piece of software that is incredibly popular for removing the DRM from music and videos purchased from the iTunes Store, has been updated to crack e-books purchased from the iBookstore.

Apple uses its own DRM technology called FairPlay to protect the content it sells, and to prevent it from being used on unauthorized devices. That means that the e-books you purchase from the iBookstore cannot be read on rival tablets and e-readers.

If you build up a huge library of books over the years, worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, you have no choice but to use an iOS device to read them. Unless you use Requiem to crack them. With the latest version of the software, you can remove them DRM from your e-books and set them free, allowing them to be read on any device that supports the ePub format.

But the novelty may be short-lived. AppAdvice notes that Apple has been actively battling with Requiem throughout the years, issuing iTunes updates that contain fixes to prevent the software from working.

  • mrweid

    Where can i download Requiem?

  • ddevito

    Let us all wait for Professor Poopypants for his daily illegal rant

  • Matthew Griffin
  • DiogoLG

    “…e-books you purchase from the iBookstore cannot be read on rival tablets and e-readers.” and macbooks (WHY APPLE?? WHY??)
    I hope that mountain lion brings support to read ebook from apple at apple’s computer

  • Robert Pruitt

    …and the link to this software is where?

  • jgabler5025

    Most sites won’t put up a link, since the legality of Requiem is disputed. Google search it.

  • Ricardo Morgado Ferreira

    Google it, geez…

  • Fors Tone

    guide and src of removing ibooks drm

  • wuyun
  • wuyun

    Free Requiem download link: