Xappr Gun Dock for iPhone Opens Fire


Make AR shooters more realistic -- perhaps too realistic -- with the Xappr
Make AR shooters more realistic -- perhaps too realistic -- with the Xappr

Hey, iPhone users with death wish: We have just the thing to tantalize your suicidal tendencies. It’s called the Xappr, and it’s an augmented reality gun for your beloved iPhone 4. Simply pre order the Xappr for $30, hop on the plane to any decent-sized U.S city and wait for the cops to see you and mow you down in a glorious rain of lead.

I kid (although I still don’t recommend using this outside of your home). The Xappr, like any good modern iPhone accessory, comes with companion apps. In this case these apps already exist in the App Store. Choose to blast flying saucers out of the sky (die, alien scum!) with AR Invaders, do exactly the same with AR Wars, and zap your friends with the “real-world multiplayer shootout game” ATK (die, friendly person I quite like!).

Sadly, the Xappr — which does little more than hold the phone in a gun-shaped mount and activate the in-game triggers — won’t be on sale until June. Happily, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, that coincides with the hottest part of the year, when police stress levels run high and suicide by cop is easiest.

[Via Uncrate]

  • joewaylo

    I saw this last month on another site. Looks cool, but not sure I’d carry a phaser around.

  • Robert Daniels

    Awesome to play laser tag..umm bluetooth tag!

  • Jon Atherton

    This toy is not legal in most countries, it doesn’t have an orange tip. Not even sure how they thought they could sell it? Besides it looks like a vacuum cleaner part.
    Try this one if you really would rather not be shot by law enforcement:
    AppTag uses some pretty amazing new technology too

  • Jon Atherton

    The xapper is illegal in the USA: http://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/cgi/

  • ken147

    Set phasers to iZap!!!!

  • adreama

    Called back in 2009: