Best Birthday Gift Ever: This 7-Year-Old’s Lego Edge Level Will Be Added To The Real Game



Photo of Zias used with permission

This smiling youngster is Zias Kool, and he’s happy for good reason: as a birthday present, the makers of cult iOS puzzler Edge are going to add his Lego-designed custom level to a future version of the game.

Zias, who lives in the Netherlands, completely loves playing Edge. As his seventh birthday approached, his dad Martin contacted Two Tribes, the Dutch company responsible for porting the original Edge to other platforms including Windows and OS X.

Martin asked Two Tribes for something simple, like some spare Edge posters or flyers. Just a little treat to stick on young Zias’ bedroom wall.

The reply he got from Two Tribes took things a little bit further:

I don’t have much marketing material except for some digital flyers. But I thought it would be nice if Zias could make a Lego level for us, which we would rebuild and put back in the actual game.

Two Tribes invited Zias to visit their office with his finished design, which they would add to the Steam version of Edge. That visit will happen in the next couple of weeks.

But the story doesn’t end there. Cult of Mac contacted original Edge creators Mobigame to ask if the Lego level Zias builds had any chance of appearing in the iOS version of the game. Developer David Papazian replied, saying:

While we were creating EDGE we used a lot of cubicle objects to help us with the game design. It was easier for Matthieu Malot (game designer) and me (developer) to share our ideas and find the right physics with real cubes, like Rubik’s cubes, but we never used Lego. It was really fun to see Zias designing a level with Lego. Of course we encourage this and we will add this level when it’s done to the iOS version.

Bravo, Mobigame, and bravo Two Tribes! What a great way to make one little boy’s birthday special. Happy birthday, Zias!