Booq’s Python Bags Tote Cameras, iPads and MacBooks Together


The Pack (left) and the Courier carry your MacBook along with your camera
The Pack (left) and the Courier carry your MacBook along with your camera

Booq’s latest range of bags know that your camera and your MacBook or iPad are intimately related. The Python camera bags not only carry your camera and lenses in safety and comfort, they also have space for your computer or tablet.

What I like best about the bags isn’t an actual physical feature at all: it’s the product page blurb. While other companies skate around the truth and use terms like “popular tablet” or “ultrabook,” Booq comes right out with it. Real photographers use MacBooks, and the only real tablet anyone is buying is the iPad.

You can pick from five bags, three of which also hold a Mac or iPad. These are the Courier (a courier bag, obviously), the Sling (a one-strapped backpack with a side-loading pocket for quick access) and the Python Pack, an honest-to-goodness backpack with space for an SLR, four lenses and a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

I have used Booq bags in the past an found them to be very well made and thought through, although a little on the weighty side for my tastes (eg. 5.95 pounds or 2.7 kg for the Pack). Then again, given that I have bashed in the corners of not one but two iPad 2s by toting them naked in my Zero Messenger, maybe I can’t be trusted.

The new Python bags are available now, running from $90 for the simple, one-camera Toploader to $260 for the Pack.