Adele Is The First Artist To Go Double Platinum On iTunes



Good news for Adele: Colombia Records has announced that the singer/songwriter has become the first artist to go double platinum on the iTunes Store. She recently sold a staggering 730,000 copies of her album within a week after winning 6 Grammys Awards The album has been purchased on iTunes 2 million times in under a year.

As the first artist to achieve such a digital milestone, Adele can confidently say that her album includes 16 million singles sold in the United States alone.

Her album, 21, has coincidentally spent 21 consecutive weeks at number 1 on The Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, making it the longest running number 1 album by any woman in Billboard’s history.

Adele was on vocal rest for months leading up to her performance at the last Grammy Awards after undergoing an intensive surgery. She tied with Beyonce’s record at the last Grammy Awards for the most awards won by a female artist.

You can buy 21 on the iTunes Store for $10.99.

(via The Loop)

  • Andy Miller

    not adele’s first album. 

  • imbenking

    She is also not “heartbroken”. She is in a happy relationship. 

  • ddevito

    She’s a talentless assclown.

    Apple killed music, case in point look who sells well on iTunes. People only buy singles because of Apple.

    The world’s turning into drones.

  • Alberto Hernandez

    Fuck you troll.

  • Jack Cass

    21 isn’t her debut album. Her first album is named 19. 

  • btoe83

    How about people that could download music illegally decided to pay for some songs as opposed to download it.

  • Alex

    Seriously dude,  you just  need to get over the fact that your hero Justin Bieber will never win a Grammy.

  • John Howell

    HOllywood take note. Music sold on iTunes is DRM free. You do not need to treat your customers as criminals to sell millions of your product.

  • ddevito

    The Secure Element error has nothing to do with writing code, dolt. It’s an error in Money Network’s servers, but I’m sure it’s too complicated to explain to a simpleton like yourself. Why are you surfing an Android modder community site, curious on what’s on the side perhaps?

    I still wouldn’t trade the freedom my GALAXY NEXUS phone gives me.

  • ddevito

    yes, you’re right. I’m bitter.

    Actually, I listen to bands that release THEIR music THEIR way.