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The Gentleman’s iPod Nano Is This Elegant iPocketWatch



Like many Apple fans, I love the idea of the an iPod nano watch. I adore the fact that an idle comment from Steve Jobs about how the new nano is so small it can be worn as a watch got turned into a cottage industry of Kickstarters fashioning a multitude of hip new watchbands.

The only thing is I don’t want to wear the damn thing. I’m not a wristwatch kind of guy: I’m the sort of person who prefers pulling something out of his pocket, like my iPhone. So I wonder why it took someone so long to think of this incredible idea. Instead of a wristwatch, why not turn the iPod nano into a pocket watch?

That’s the ingenious thinking of Edwin Conan, a young industrial designer in Melbourne who is trying to get the iPW, or iPocketWatch, off the ground on Kickstarter-like crowdfunding site Pozible. Here’s the pitch:

Last year Apple updated the iPod Nano 6th generation with additional watch faces in its watch function. One of which is the classic roman numerals. Such a classic watch face needs a classic watch case to match and celebrate, and the most classic watch of all time is, of course, the pocket watch. The idea of turning the iPod Nano into a multi-touch, multi-function, high tech, modern day pocket watch was born.

The classic men’s watch will always be the pocket watch. While everyone else wears the iPod Nano as a wrist watch, why not bring a bit of yesterday to your style and distinguish yourself from the rest of the world by fashioning this admirable iPW (iPocketWatch)?

This looks great, and the enclosure is both classy, modern and in-keeping with an Apple-esque aesthetic. I’d be tempted to buy one of these.

Right now, Conan is looking for donors to make the project a reality. He only needs to get $6000 AUD to get the project off the ground, with a March 19th deadline. A $39 donation will get you an iPocketWatch when they are released, which is a pretty good deal considering Conan intends on selling these for $59.99 when manufacturing is off the ground. If you’d like to boast a more classical, elegant iPod nano watch solution more appropriate to pulling out of your dinner vest at the Drone’s Club, consider giving Conan some of your loot.