Nike+ Just Got A Lot More Intelligent Thanks To Nike+ Basketball And Nike+ Training



Nike has extended its Nike+ range with two new shoes that cover basketball and training. Aptly named Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training, they’re the first shows to take the Nike+ technology beyond its traditional focus on running.

Both shoes feature a clever pressure sensor built into the sole that works with the existing motion tracking technology to provide details that weren’t previously offered by the Nike+ system, such as jump heights and other useful factors.

This information allows athletes to monitor their game like never before, and when accompanied with the Nike+ apps, all sorts of fancy things can be achieved. Electronista explains:

Basketball players can now track much more of the game and even have a Showcase mode that will record a dunk on video with stats overlaid both for reference and for boasting. Nike+ Training is considered more of a game and provides short but intense exercises with feedback on direct activity as well as the option of setting a daily goal.

You can continue to use the system with the Nike+ app for iOS devices and anything else that’s compatible with Nike+, however, some features, such as the Showcase and exercise modes, will need a device like the iPhone to work.

There’s no word on pricing for these just yet, but first of the Nike+ Basketball set, named Hyperdunk+, will arrive on June 29 in the U.S., mainland China, France, Germany, and the U.K.; accompanied by the Lunar TR 1+ for men and the Lunar Hyper Workout+ for women from the Nike+ Training range on the same day.

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