Last Day For The Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle [Deals]



When you put off going to the gym, the results get put off as well. In some cases, they don’t even happen at all because of the delay. Bootcamps are no different — except you can see the results much faster because of how they are so jam-packed with activity. The more you put in, the better the results — but you will see results of varying degrees just by taking part in the bootcamp.

The same can be said for the Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle, which is one of our Cult of Mac Deals that ends…today. (You had to know that a deal on a course that is selling for 60% off had to end at some point, right?)

As for being jam-packed? Well, here’s what you’ll get in the Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle:

  • 31 lectures covering both XHTML and CSS
  • 26 lectures covering Javascript
  • 71 lectures covering PHP & MySQL
  • 18 lectures covering XML
  • 5 lectures covering JSON
  • 6 lectures covering AJAX
  • 34 lectures covering JQuery
  • Final hands-on project at the end of each chapter so you’re able to tackle what you learn
  • Downloadable source code for examples

To get all of this you’ll need to act fast — the $79 special Cult of Mac Deals price ends today! Grab it now so thou can start to see the results of what the Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle will bring your way.