Steve Jobs’s Life Is Documented In An Incredible Facebook Timeline [Update]



We’ve seen countless tributes to Steve Jobs since he passed away on October 5, but the latest is really incredible. It’s a Facebook timeline that documents Steve’s entire life since the day he was born, and it’s truly jaw-dropping. I can’t imagine the effort that must have gone into this.

The timeline features literally hundreds of photographs and videos that feature Steve throughout his life, from the Electronics Club at Homestead High School back in 1969, to the day he stepped down from the role of CEO at Apple, and everything in between. It’s just like a wonderfully interactive biography that you can immerse yourself in for ours.

I did this morning when I first took a look at it. Whoever created this must have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into it, but I think it certainly paid off.

Be sure to check it out, especially if you’re a fan of Apple and Steve Jobs.

UPDATE: A number of readers have contacted me to say that the page has now been taken down. Those of you who had chance to look at it while it was live will know that’s a huge shame.

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31 responses to “Steve Jobs’s Life Is Documented In An Incredible Facebook Timeline [Update]”

  1. adamriggins says:


  2. pfftsigh says:

    “Sorry, this user has already too many friend request.”
    They need to make that profile PUBLIC. Open up subscriptions.
    Only 2012, 2011 and Born if you’re not a friend.

  3. sdotbailey says:

    Not true, I just scrolled through the whole damn thing. Give it a minute to load, it’s decades worth of photos and such.

  4. AdrianJNYC says:

    I will definitely check this out.

  5. Alejando BARRIOS says:

    The link just went down. Facebook must have blocked it!

  6. Nithin says:

    Sure, didn’t you know they don’t allow impersonation, dead or alive…

  7. James Rogers says:

    The page you requested was not foundYou may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.Return homeGo back to the previous page

  8. Massimo Olivieri says:

    page not found, somebody deleted it 
    facebook maybe? cause it’s not the real profile of steve?

  9. says:

    Meh, they did not just remove the page, but even my Facebook wall post with a link TO it!
    Here’s a PDF for all of you who wanted to see it:

  10. Joe Woodford says:

    Page now not found!

  11. Rodrigo Nogueira says:

    Page not found!

  12. Craig Duffy says:

    What about a cached version?

  13. Simon Bangs says:

    Its back guys!

  14. James Allen Matney says:

    Worked for me!

  15. Haymoose says:

    It’s up now.

  16. Haymoose says:

    It’s up now.

  17. Danny Walls says:

    It’s back on. I just looked through it and it’s awesome. 

  18. Jessica Peters says:

    same here

  19. markrlangston says:

    UPDATE: page is back up and available for view by anyone that’s a Facebook member. It’s not accepting anymore friend requests but it’s definitely viewable.


    While logged into FaceBook, I searched for the page and got this error.

    The page you requested was not found.You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.Return homeGo back to the previous page

  21. John McLachlan says:


  22. sweeneydavidf says:

     same here

  23. Lane Jasper says:

    Not any longer. It’s gone.

  24. Lane Jasper says:

    same here. It’s DOWN

  25. benoffi7 says:

    its down!!!

  26. SlightlyC0nfused says:

    First real valid reason for Facebook’s new timeline.  Actually could be a useful, good idea for other historical figures.  Facebook takes it down…

  27. Bob Allen says:

    Not working at the moment — page not found message.

  28. Davidfrankk says:

     Same here! Can’t see the page. How could you view it?

    iPhone Development India

  29. simonth says:

    The account has been removed. View the video version of the timeline here

  30. Sushanth Amin says:

    It says Page Not Found 

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