Last Day To Grab The “Build iOS Apps From Scratch” Training Video From Cult of Mac Deals



These days, the App Store is where it’s at. And if you don’t act fast, you may miss your opportunity to learn how to build an iOS app from scratch! This deal ends tonight at Midnight PST, so make sure to check it out.

If you have a great idea for an iPhone or iPad app, the only thing that’s stopping you from getting it out there is the actual coding of the app itself. But what if you’re the “idea person” and not a coder – and you have no desire to be one? It’s a pretty extensive process, and as you’re learning how to code you could be letting valuable time slip away – not to mention the fact that someone who CAN code might beat you to the punch. And while outsourcing the coding is an option, that’s often a costly approach – and a lot of back and forth between yourself and the coder that slows the process down even more so. So…what to do?

Well, this latest offer by Cult of Mac Deals is just what you need to get your app idea from vaporware to “actualware” with absolutely no programming. Period. And for a limited time you can save 80% off the regular price to boot – as it’s only $99!

The course being offered educates you on the following:

  • How to prototype, design, and release apps into the app store
  • The entire process from idea creation to production to release
  • How to avoid and overcome app development pitfalls
  • How to create a mock proposal to potential clients so you can start making apps for other people

The course has been crafted by John Bura, who has been developing games and apps since 1997. His company, Mammoth Interactive, produces leading technologies for XBOX 360, iOS, Android, and HTML 5. He’s been a part of more than 40 commercial games – and several of his games have risen to #1 in the Mac App Store.

Teaching now for over 10 years, Bura has experienced the Mac “app world” inside and out, and has achieved what many can only dream of. And he’s going to share his knowledge with you with this comprehensive, self-directed course – but this is a course that is aimed at beginners. It’s not a technical development course, but mainly focuses on how to get a workable iOS app on the App Store. And while the course is self-directed, once you’re all signed up for it you can always send questions you have over to John. We’re sure he’d be happy to help you out.)

In order to get the most out of the course, you’ll need a Mac computer (with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion installed – along with the most current version of Xcode, which you can get for free in the App Store), and a “developer’s account” from Apple (you can sign up for this in the Mac App Store as well).

So if you’re one of the following:

  • A beginner who wants to make and release apps today
  • Someone who wants to release apps and add them to their resume
  • Someone who wants to start making money by making apps for other people
  • A designer who wants to create rapid prototype app ideas
  • A small business who doesn’t want to hire a developer

…then this course is for you!

But hurry…this offer is available for a limited time only! Get access to all you need to build and release iOS apps at a fraction of the usual cost by heading over to the Cult of Mac Deals page to start your path to the App Store today!

  • Margaritavillejack

    Alternatively you could take the free Stanford University IOS Development Course Offered on iTunesU and use the $99 for the Apple Developer account.

  • Alexandra Murashova

     Mobile apps are hot today. But hiring a programmer is too expensive. I used to make apps. It’s really easy, the web service allows to make mobile apps in minutes, and without programming skills at all.

  • Mark Monahan-Rial

    Or use Apple very nice FREE roadmapiOS and use the $99 for the Apple Developer account.

  • sven

    I wasn’t happy finding out that this “course” is basically a walkthrough of BuzzTouch – which definitely can’t turn my idea into an app. It’s great if you have fixed content that you’d like to make into an informational app, but there is little there to do anything remotely complex.