Samsung’s Metal SD Cards Are Harder To Kill Than A Cockroach


Overkill: Samsung's rugged SD cards laugh in the face of, well, everything
Overkill: Samsung's rugged SD cards laugh in the face of, well, everything

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where your SD cards would need to be “waterproof, shockproof and magnet proof,” but Samsung has gone and made some ruggedized cards anyway. Available in several speeds and sizes, the brushed metal cards will look as good out of your cameras as they will in it.

Obviously, if you’re the kind of person who leaves their single SD card inside the camera at all times, transferring photos via a cable to their Mac (don’t do that by the way. A card reader will save your camera’s battery) then you won’t need such a tough card. But for photojournalists, they may be just the thing:

LAUGH as the security forces of an oppressive fascist dictatorship try to crush your cards with a 1.6-ton (3,200-pound) vehicle. CHUCKLE at their pathetic attempts to zap the pictures from the card with anything less than a 10,000 gauss magnet. And TAKE IT EASY as these government stooges lamely try to soak the card in water for up to 24 hours. The ignorant fools.

What’s more, Samsung’s SD and microSD come in a decent range of speeds at reasonable prices. They run from 2GB up to 32GB, from $10 to $90, and from 15MBs/7MBs max read/write to 24MBs/21MBs.

So, should you be heading to North Korea or certain parts of South London, you might consider picking a few of these up.

[Via DP Review]

  • ddevito

    If this was meant to be an anti-Samsung post, I don’t think it succeeded. 

  • Aufdenschlips

    well done for a change, Samsung

    I don’t know if or from whom you copied that design but it’s nice

    so, if you could just take back my crappy tv set … ;)

  • Bob Forsberg

    A nicely made product…and it needs to be criticized?

  • Jose Estevez

    They’re available from Amazon, I just bought the 16GB class 10, can’t wait to try it out!