Check Out This Nice Video History Of MacPaint [Video]



Here’s another lovely short video from Matthew Pearce, the man behind the Matt’s Macintosh YouTube channel.

MacPaint doesn’t just explain what MacPaint was, but is more about why it was an important part of the software lineup back in those days. Things we take for granted today (like copying a graphic and pasting it into another document) were new and exciting back then.

As Matt points out, MacPaint in 1984 laid foundations for features you still see today in modern graphics applications.

(And one other thing: Matthew’s original Macintosh 128K looks pristine, and the screen as clean and bright as the day it was made. He even has an as-new copy of the original printed manual. Where does he find this stuff?)


  • Millard Fillmore

    Nicely done.  I bought my first Mac in August 1984, and I was up and running within minutes of taking the Mac out of the box.  That kind of thing was unheard of back then.  I was thrilled with MacWrite and MacPaint.  I used that original Mac for ten years and I still have it, even though it hasn’t worked for quite a while.  You just don’t get rid of a pal.

  • Guest

    When I was in high school I used the later models of 84 Mac it was called Mac Plus I think but I remember fondly working with MacPaint, MacWrite. I really like watching these videos brings back memories.