Retina Display Artwork For iPad Is Really Big [Image]



James Thomson, developer of esteemed iOS calculator PCalc, posted an interesting image on Twitter earlier today.

He mentioned that he was working on iPad Retina artwork – “just in case” – and the results were, well, big.

The image above has been resized to 640 pixels to fit inside Cult of Mac’s layout, so make sure you click here to see the original at full size.

Chances are James isn’t the only iOS developer trying out a little Retina-scale artwork at the moment. There’s still nothing official from Apple, but speculation about the likely resolution of the iPad 3 screen is hotting up since last week’s MacRumors story that claimed to confirm the device’s resolution at 2048×1536.

  • Sean Smith

    Uh oh. Looks like somebody used a mailto: for the link to the actual image. As a result, the link to the image is broken. I believe this is supposed to be the actual link to it:

  • FriarNurgle

    How many roads must a man walk down? 

  • BrettBristow

    That is huge. I think the display is going to be amazing!

  • Ryan Simmons

    …Before you call him a man.

  • HotGG

    Next – Retina’s for iMacs and Displays.

  • Steven McMillen

    and when we wonder why all our memory is disappearing and web sites are taking forever to load on 3G we can remember it’s all for our own good with higher quality images.  Can’t wait to see standard 960ish  pixel wide web sites scaled up to fit on that screen.  The image quality is going to suck.

  • Gregintosh

    I have about a year and a quarter left on my AppleCare for my iMac, and I just bought an Air last summer. 

    Currently, the plan is to cycle towards the end of AppleCare, but if Apple comes out with Retina displays on iMacs and Airs, I will find a way to upgrade as soon as I can!

  • hoggleboggle

    Is that is supposed to be an icon, why does it fill a quarter of the screen? Infact, what is the point of image at all? Does this mean the ipad 3 will only have room for 4 icons?

  • Ann McDaniel

    what is a retina display? (don’t laugh, i truly don’t know).