Osfoora Brings Beauty To Tweeting On The Mac



Osfoora, a popular Twitter client that made its debut on the iPhone, has made the leap from iOS to the Mac. It is now contending with the likes of Echofon, Twitterific, and Twitter in the Mac App Store, but is it worth its $4.99 price tag?

If you’ve been using the Twitterific app on your Mac, then you won’t find the transition to Osfoora too difficult, because its user interface is very similar. And while we’re on the subject of similarities, I’m certain that Osfoora’s app icon was is just a 3D version of the old Tweetie icon.

Tweetie 2 icon

But let’s not hold that against this app, because it really does seem great, and it’s packing a ton of awesome features. You get everything you’d expect from a third-party Twitter client, plus a little more.

There’s support for multiple Twitter accounts, inline picture thumbnails for the most popular sharing services, the ability to mute users, Instapaper and Read It Later support, the ability to upload pictures and videos, TweetMarker support, and notifications via Growl. It also has a beautiful app badge that will alert you to mentions and direct messages from the dock icon.

AppAdvice describes Osfoora as a “breath of fresh air” and I must say, I agree. I’ve been using the app for a while since it made its debut on the Mac today, and I can’t really fault it. It looks terrific, it includes all the features you’d want from a dedicated app, and it’s only $4.99.

Here’s a full list of features from Osfoora’s Mac App Store description:

  • Multiple accounts with multi-windows.
  • TweetMarker Support: Timeline syncing of reading position between different Twitter apps.
  • Inline picture thumbnails for popular services, e.g. Instapaper, Twitter, Yfrog, and more.
  • Mute users.
  • Mark Tweets belonging to specific users.
  • Attach multiple images/videos to tweets.
  • Image Services: Yfrog, TwitPic, Twitter, CloudApp, Imgly.
  • Set your own custom Image Upload end point (Must follow the TwitPic API and use JSON).
  • Video Services: TwitVid, Yfrog, TwitPic, CloudApp.
  • Read Later (Instapaper & Read It Later) with tweet attribution.
  • URL Shortening via CloudApp (Default is Twitter).
  • View/Subscribe to Twitter lists.
  • Access Twitter lists from user profiles (Lists they created, follow, or followed by).
  • Direct Messages with conversation view.
  • Search Twitter and view trends.
  • Flexible Font sizes (11pt – 20pt).
  • View users on Favstar, and Twitter websites.
  • Notifications via Growl and Dock Icon.
  • Edit your Twitter profile info.
  • Resizable Sidebar.
  • Robust Keyboard controls for navigation and popular tasks.
  • Other features such as Blocking users, Reporting Spam.

    Just bought this. Greatest Twitter Client I’ve used this far. Much much better than Twitter and Echofon. I’m just waiting to see if Tweetbot will makes it’s way. It will surely shut everything down!

  • vanmacguy

    I’ve used Osfoora on my iPad since I got it a year and a half ago and love it!

    But, Twitter has kind of ‘jumped the shark’ for me and at 4.99 while I’ve already bought the iPad version, as nice as this client is, I’ll pass. But if it’s anything like the iPad version, it’ll be awesome.

  • BDouglass

    While I agree with the cost per platform statement, if you enjoy the tweet marker service, this is definitely the best experience on OS X

  • Luke Buckle

    No scheduling? Shame. Tweeting for business needs this and with tweetdeck’s latest version so disappointing, it’s hootsuite for me. #untiltweetbotdesktop

  • BDouglass

    Fairly positive Tweetbot on iOS does not have a scheduling feature. I don’t believe scheduling is really a need for the consumer Twitter user, which this app is aimed at. Businesses should be paying for web based products (like Hootsuite) for this functionality.