HipChat: It Sucks We’ll Have To Change Our Icon Because Of Messages App Doppelganger



Yesterday, we reported that Apple’s new Messages app icon looked pretty shamelessly similar to that of HipChat‘s. Now HipChat has spoken out about the maybe-theft-probably-concidence, and while they don’t have any hard feelings, they still think it sucks they’re about to get steamrolled by Apple.

Speaking to John Biggs at Techcrunch, HipChat CEO Peter Hurley said: ““I doubt we’re on Apple’s radar, but it sucks that we’ll probably have to change our icon because of this.”

But what will HipChat change their logo to? Hurley’s response was cheeky.

“I was thinking of releasing a new version of our app with this as the icon.”

[via TechCrunch]

  • Ian McCausland

    Why do they have to change? they could leave it and enjoy the confusion!

  • syned

    Check an iChat icon. That where it all begins.

  • sincarne

    C’mon, Hipchat, run an image search for visually similar icons. Your icon is HARDLY unique.

  • iDaBoss

    Good one

  • ??nD ??os??A

    Are you kidding me? They are worried about changing their icon? They should be worried about changing their business model. If you logically extend iCloud and iWork and all the other new ML goodness the need for HipChat is diminishing, not increasing.