Silicone Speaker Tube Clamps Onto Your iPad, MacBook


The ike the glow-sticks hippies love to take to festivals, only less annoying
The ike the glow-sticks hippies love to take to festivals, only less annoying
Zooka is a stick-like speaker for all your gadgets

Zooka bills itself as a wireless speaker bar for any of your sound-producing gadgets, but one look will tell you the truth: it’s made for iPads and skinny MacBooks. The Zooka is a silicone cylinder which can work alone, but which also has a slot into which you can slide the edge of your favorite Apple device.

The Zooka tube, which has its speakers firing out of either end, can either slide on top the top of your MacBook’s screen like a very wide clothespin, or you can slip it onto the iPad whereupon it also acts as a prop, wedging it up at a good typing angle. But because the connection is via Bluetooth, you can just toss it wherever you like and use it with regular cellphones and computers. There’s even a 3.5mm jack socket for kicking it old-school, and a li-ion battery giving eight hours of life.

The silicone case also adds some protection from bumps and splashes. You probably don;t want to take it into the shower, but you could leave it on a bathroom shelf while you take your morning spritz.

Zooka is a Kickstarter project, but as it has already achieved its funding goal of $25,000 is should be good to go. You can get in on the pre-launch action for $89, a price which will rise when the speaker goes on general sale. You can choose from black, grey, blue, green or orange, or pay $149 and get a special glow-in-the-dark model.

[Via Uncrate]

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