Bamboo iPad 2 Case Finally Goes On Sale, A Little Too Late?


It's not the only bamboo iPad case around, but it's the only one that launched today
It's not the only bamboo iPad case around, but it's the only one that launched today

It’s light, it’s tough and it’s beautiful to both look at and touch. Is there anything better than bamboo for making an iPad case? Maybe not. And Silva’s bamboo case for the iPad 2 is finally, finally available to buy.

Silva has been teasing and showing off its case for what seems like forever, but you can at last order one and have it delivered to your door, mere weeks before the iPad 2 itself is superseded by the iPad 3.

The case weighs in at about a pound, is lined with wool felt and has a leather retaining strap to keep the iPad inside. The finish comes courtesy of a good rubbing down with tung oil, followed by a couple coats of polyurethane varnish.

Bamboo is a kind of grass, and as such is grows very fast, minimizing environmental impact. It is also, like soya, incredibly versatile (I have a memory-foam-like pillow made from soya oil, for example). In fact, if the world could only use bamboo and soya to make things from now on, I’m sure not much would change.* And speaking of impacts, the Silva case is designed to crumple on impact, sacrificing itself to save the iPad inside, like a bike helmet collapses to protect your head.

The price for this beautiful case is $130 ($140 outside the U.S). Just pray that Apple doesn’t make the iPad 3 any thicker than the iPad 2.

[Thanks, Justin!]


  • ilpappas

    Good Timing!!!

  • cpmorris0

    You are forgetting that there will be a huge aftermarket for the iPad 2 when the next version comes out.  Case in point, I picked up an iPad 1 cheap after 2 came out and could not find any new cases.  You are also forgetting that it is possible that the iPad 2 will continue to be manufactured for the lower end market like the 3GS and iPhone 4 have been.

  • TechUser

    WOW!! Only $130 for a case made of dry grass!!  Seriously.

  • Sean Murphy

    always a nay sayer in every group

  • Jdsonice

    Wow it looks gorgeous. I hope they are a little faster when iPad3 is released.  

  • haineux… — A really, really NICE bamboo case that includes the equivalent of an  Apple smart cover.

    No, it’s not cheap. It is, however, gorgeous, strong, and customizable. 

  • Alex Hernandez

    Amazing case! Lightweight but extremely sturdy. The is one thing that always happens to me is that you get an awesome case like this and then the next gen Ipad or Iphone changes size. It is a good things the Ipad 3 should be the same size as the Ipad 2. That means even when you upgrade you are still good to go for your new case.