Mountain Lion Kills OS X Support For A Number Of Macs, Here’s The List



Chances are, you’re already salivating to download the latest version of OS X, Mountain Lion, when it’s released later this summer. For a fair number of Mac owners, though, installing Mountain Lion is going to require buying a new machine, as Apple has abandoned support for Intel’s GMA 950 and x3100 chipsets.

Here’s a list of the machines that can run Lion that can’t run Mountain Lion.

Although OS X Lion has a minimum spec requirement of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Mountain Lion’s heftier graphics requirements effectively puts these machines to pasture:

• Any Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook from late 2007 – late 2008 (Model Numbers: MB061*/B, MB062*/B, MB063*/B, MB402*/A MB403*/A MB404*/A, MB402*/B)

• The Mid-2007 Mac mini (Model Numbers: MB138*/A, MB139*/A)

• Late 2006 polycarbonate iMac (Model Number: MA710xx/A)

• The original early 2008 MacBook Air (Model Number: MB003LL/A)

If you’ve got any one of these machines, OS X Lion will be the last version of OS X you will be able to install.

[via MacGeneration]

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73 responses to “Mountain Lion Kills OS X Support For A Number Of Macs, Here’s The List”

  1. thomin says:

    I have a late 2008 Core 2 Duo MacBook, but my model number is MB466*/A, so I guess I’m fine?

  2. Daniel says:

    HAHAHA… great picture.

  3. Andhika Pamadhi says:

    i’m fine.. :)

  4. d_n says:

    Thank God I chose an ATI Radeon GPU for my iMac.

  5. Rados?aw Szeja says:

    I believe there is some mistake… check apple’s support site i.e.

  6. Fearless_fred says:

    Crap. That’s the limit for mt Macbook them. :/

  7. GrownandStoned says:

    me too. wish i knew for sure

  8. Chelo Gronchi says:

    What about Mac Pro’s?

  9. Ani Kaizer Khan says:

    wil it work on a 2011 mba 64gb?

  10. Tyler W says:

    yea mine says the same thing i guess ill know when i try the preview , I’m getting a new mac this summer anyways but i wanted to preview it 

  11. Ian Wedlock says:

    this is by far the best photo to story combo i have ever seen on an apple tech site.


  12. tMyers327 says:

    no word of mbpro’s?…..NICE i’m still good!

  13. brownlee says:

    You will be fine.

  14. brownlee says:

    Anything with a discrete GPU is fine, so all MB Pros are okay.

  15. Theyseeyoutrollin says:

    Is it on the list?

  16. Theyseeyoutrollin says:

    I’ve got an Intel Core 2 duo that runs Lion just fine; except for a few minor things. Does this mean that Core 2 Duo’s won’t run Mountain Lion very well? 

  17. zadigre says:

    I would like to know too…

    I have a 2007 Mac Pro… it was bought with Dual Xeon Dual Core at 2.66GHz… upgraded with two quad-core CPUs…
    I also bought the ATI Radeon 5770…

    I hope that it will be able to run OS X 10.8… but because of the 32 bits EFI on this Mac Pro, I doubt that it will be possible.

  18. Nick Lowe says:

    Nope, if you’ve got an ATI X1600 it’s a no go…

  19. Nick Lowe says:

    Anything with Intel’s GMA 950 or GMA X3100 ultimately won’t work…

    “OS X Mountain Lion requires a Mac with a 64-bit kernel. Mountain Lion supports the following Mac models:        •     iMac (mid 2007 or later)        •     MacBook (13-inch Aluminum,  2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or later)        •     MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later), (15-inch, 2.4/2.2 GHz), (17-inch, Late 2007 or later)        •     MacBook Air (Late 2008 or later)        •     Mac Mini (Early 2009 or later)        •     Mac Pro (Early 2008 or later)        •     Xserve (Early 2009)”

  20. B Tarkington says:

    It looks like Apple is discontinuing support for older (2006-2008) MacBooks with Intel GMA graphics (950 or X3100). Later (2008-2010) MacBooks with nVidia GeForce graphics (9400M or 320M) will make the cut.

    A MB466*/A should have nVidia 9400M graphics (you can check this with “About My Mac”) and should be OK.

  21. Jordan Clay says:

    Whats Amazing,   I have a 1.8 Ghz MBP from early 2006…the very first ones….it can still be updated to run Mtn Lion.  I only use it as a media server since the battery is about 3 seconds…but still….a 6 year old computer can hang with the big boys still.

  22. ????????? Tyler W says:

    thankyou sooo much mine makes the cut i was so nervous … 

  23. FZS says:

    Seems like the end to my BLACK Macbook. And they wont make any new black ones anymore. Damn, I hate this.

  24. Mike Rathjen says:

    People with Mac Pro 1,1 (2006) are reporting that App Store won’t let them download the developer preview. A message states that their computers are not compatible.

  25. zadigre says:

    I imagine this is the same for MacPro 2,1 because these are the same machine as the MacPro1,1 (except for the CPU).

  26. nstb says:

    Got a MacBook on the list but not that bothered. Still on Snow Leopard and it does me fine.

  27. FZS says:

    Is it on the list?

  28. ALBERT says:

    i have an iMac 24″ (MB325LL/A) early 2008 with 2.8ghz intel core 2duo and ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB of GDDR3 memory 4GB’s. So I guess I’m fine too! 

  29. Ranjith Viswanathan says:

    How do I find the model number of my macbook pro late 2008 from the serial number??

  30. nameson says:

    What about MacBook Pro (early 2008) 2.4 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 256 MB… (MB133LL/A) will that one run OS X Mountain Lion?

  31. Daniel S Apsey says:

    I’ve got that model too, I hope we’re okay but not sure

  32. Joshua Dudley says:

    And where might I find out if I have one of those?

  33. Eric Barbosa says:

    where can you check the model number?

  34. danielrmitchell says:

    It’s a shame that my fiancee’s Macbook doesn’t make the cut, because now she’ll be hounding me even more for the Air around her birthday or Christmas.
    Thanks Apple, I have a wedding to pay for ya know.

  35. Tyler W says:

    it works and its actually smoother than lion 10.3 , im imporessed 

  36. Ranjith Viswanathan says:

    How do I find the model number of my macbook pro late 2008 from the serial number??

  37. Guy Gene says:

    Well, me old 2008 MacBook is out it seems. I am due for a new Mac in summer anyway.


  38. John Howell says:

    To be honest, lion pretty much killed my old mini anyway. It’s now doing duty as a media PC under my office TV, so not in general use like my current mini. I’ll just bite the bullet and rebuild it under linux now to keep getting patches and updates for a current OS. The GMA950 was always the minis weakest point 8(

  39. John Howell says:

    It’s not the CPU, it’s the EFI and graphics are not up to it.

  40. John Howell says:

    Excellent. I see a whole bunch of really good hardware (crappy GPUs aside) hitting TradeMe late this year. Perfect time to pick up an old clunker for the kids 8)

  41. zadigre says:

    so true… My Mac Pro bought in 2007 is still a lot faster compared to some other Mac that will support OS X 10.8… but because it has a 32bits EFI, it will not support the new OS… 

  42. ALBERT says:

    on your mac just go to the upper left side corner where it says “about this mac” and there you’ll see what you’re looking for. 

  43. markrlangston says:

    Have a Early 2008 MBP. Didn’t see it on the list so I guess I’m okay. Then again, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if it’s too old.

  44. Louie Gluefish says:

    Well, with my late 2007 13″ MacBook, I wasn’t going to upgrade anyway – I’m still on Snow Leopard with that machine – because reports of Lion being too slow on that model have kept me away.  My MacBook was UNOFFICIALLY obsolete already, now it will be OFFICIAL.

  45. Wes Campaigne says:


    Any MBP from *early* 2006 has a Core Due processor, which isn’t 64 bit, and can’t even run Lion, let alone Mountain Lion.

    Elsewhere, it has been noted that Mountain Lion will also not support anything using an ATI Radeon X1600 GPU. (These were used in late 2006 MBPs.)

    Consequently: *only* MBPs from mid-2007 or newer will run Mountain Lion.

  46. James Katt says:

    You can always get a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air from in the color of your choice – including BLACK.  

  47. Jonathan Ober says:

    the only thing that could have made this better…the mountain lion killing a jaguar or some other older legacy cat :P

  48. Kip Stephenson says:

    I use Mactracker to check the model number and I just made it. 

  49. Bridger Lowe says:

    Well my late 2008 Macbook is out. I was going to retire it soon anyways. Time to save up for a Macbook Air!

  50. JorgeMaat says:

    I have a white Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo (early 2008.) Will my Mac be able to run Mt. Lion?

  51. deecee says:

    It’s amazing any modern OS can consider a dual Xeon Dual Core at 2.66GHz “out dated” and unsupportable!!  I am seeing Apple repeating it’s own history again with the built-in forced obsolescence.

  52. Arturius says:

    Four years is a short lifetime for a $1000+ appliance, and half-lives keep getting shorter.  A lot of the 99% will be faced with limited computing opportunities as Apple shoots for the well-heeled who like lots of features that make computing easier but more monolithic:  PC or the highway.  It’s really a shame.

  53. Millard Fillmore says:

    My black MacBook still runs fine on 10.6.8, and I’ll be using it for years to come.  I’ll move on when I have to, if I have to.

  54. Bridger Lowe says:

    No, unfortunately not.

  55. Superkonna says:

    Top left corner “About this computer” -> “More info” -> “System report” if it says your MBP is 3,1 or later you’re fine.

  56. Superkonna says:


  57. Superkonna says:

    You’re ok with that MBP.

  58. ralphtweety says:

    I totally agree – this is not very cool.

  59. Eddie Russell says:

     I have a quick question on the above article.

    The information in the article states that Any Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook

    from late 2007 to late 2008 (Model Numbers: MB061*/B, MB062*/B, MB063*/B,

    MB402*/A MB403*/A MB404*/A, MB402*/B) won’t be supported on the new release

    of Mountain Lion.

    I tried to look up my model number on my MacBook and the only thing that I

    could find that resembled a model number was this: Boot ROM Version:


    Is this what is referred to a Model Number, or do I need to look elsewhere?

    Many thanks


  60. thomin says:

    Here’s where I found it:
    Click on the apple in the menu bar
    > About this Mac
    > More Info
    > Support
    > Specification

    That links to a website which has the detailed specifications including model numbers.

  61. thomin says:

    see my post above.

  62. Anthony says:

    to all:

    Buy a real computer and you don’t have to worry about a bigot telling you need a new one.


  63. Andrew McNaughton says:

    The authors of this story have got it all wrong. It isn’t about what GPU is in the Macs. It is about whether or not the Mac has 64-bit EFI in order to support the 64-bit kernel. People can run the following in the Terminal to determine if they have EFI64:

    ioreg -p IODeviceTree -w0 -l | grep firmware-abi
    Mountain Lion is going 64-bit kernel only. Whereas Lion still supports 32-bit kernel. Some Macs may have shipped with a 64-bit capable processor but Apple chose to leave them with EFI32 which limits the kernel.GPU’s or chipsets don’t really come into it. ML isn’t doing anything particular special with the GPU.

  64. nanog6 says:

    Yeah, this is not cool man. Not cool.. :(

  65. Jarrod Lewis says:

    I guess I’m buying a new Mac then…. My 2007 MacBook is about ready to die anyway, I just hope she lasts until the new Pro’s come out.

  66. David Weintraub says:

    My machine makes the cut too. Darn it. Now I can’t use that as an excuse to tell my Wife why I need a new MacBook. 

    Oooh, the new ones are so shiny!

  67. Golf Fan says:

    Got a MBP with the Radeon X1600, so I see that is not supported. What if I just upgrade to a newer graphics card? Problem solved?

  68. Mile L. says:

    Actually, Lion will be supported on your machine for the next 10-15 years, so relax.

  69. Emir Marzouki says:

    i will install tomorow
    with lion 7 was problm with old apps PowerPc

  70. esposimi says:

    This is such BS. I have 4GB of RAM on my Early 2008 MacBook and run Lion just fine. Maybe I’ll wipe the drive and put a full install of Windows 7 on it!

  71. Jan Bjerremann says:

    Hej Jordan Buy a new battery at Amazon, only £21,50. Thats cheap.

  72. Takuma Ono says:

    My Macbook (4,1 Black Macbook) technically runs 64bit (I checked with your command), but somehow Snow Leopard only allows it to boot the 32bit kernel. Do you think my Macbook has been cut?

  73. TopAgentWebsite says:

    mine is not on the list… phew.


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