Dashboard’s Widgets Are More Like Launchpad In OS X Mountain Lion


Screen Shot 2012-02-16 at 12.33.41 PM

Not a huge change, but we just noticed that in OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has changed the way adding widgets in Dashboard works to be more akin to Launchpad, with a full screen of equally spaced widgets being selectable instead of Lion’s approach, which puts available widgets at the bottom edge of the display.

  • ThaWeaver

    Maybe they will actually keep Dashboard around for a while?

  • DiogoLG

    I don’t like the mac widgets, i believe that this is not developers fault but they aren’t well design and they have a lot of limitations (few exceptions)

  • t87

    Nonsense. Be more specific.

  • Ilkka

     I love widgets, I don’t know why nobody uses those?! (recent poll in macdailynews). I use them everyday, notes, unit converter (money, pound and kilos etc), weather, calculator calendar etc. What people use for those task if not dashboard? 

  • Bleakvision

    I’m having a stupid day. How do you remove a widget from the dashboard once it’s activated?

    The little x don’t show up anymore. WTF

  • d_n

    Move the cursor over to whichever widget you wish to remove, then press Option. The x should pop up.

    Or press the negative button on the bottom left to bring up delete buttons for all the widgets.

  • d_n

    When you have Dashboard disabled as a space (so it’s an overlay instead, like in pre-Lion OS X versions), you can’t add or remove widgets anymore (see attached screenie). 

    Hopefully just an oversight…

  • jordanstaniscia

    PEMDAS, a widget that is always at the top of the suggested actually doesn’t do math correctly. I noticed I wasn’t getting physics problems right when I used it but when I used my phone, it worked out correctly. Yes, thats a developer problem, but it goes to show you that Apple doesn’t love it as much as its other app repositories.

  • Zeljko

    Hit the “alt” key and then it appears. It was always that way.