Apple Woos Chinese Speakers With New Mac Features [OS X Mountain Lion]



Hey China! Apple loves you. To prove it, there are a whole bunch of China-specific features built into OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

The new Share Sheets feature (very similar to the Share button you see everywhere on iOS) will support Chinese video sites Youku and Tudou, and China’s biggest search engine Baidu will be one of the supplied options for Safari’s search box.

Mail, Contacts and Calendar will all include support for personal information management sites like QQ and 163.

There will also be much improved text entry support for Chinese speakers, and a dynamically updated dictionary.

Given Apple’s massive success in China in the last year or so (all $13 billion of it), some investment in features like this shouldn’t be a big surprise. Apple knows how big the Chinese market is, and how fast it’s growing. You can’t blame them for doing whatever they can to improve OS X for Chinese users.

I’m not Chinese though, and don’t speak it. If you are, or you do, you tell us: is this the sort of thing Chinese-speaking Mac users are looking for? Will it help Apple sell more Macs in China? If you have answers, please share them in the comments.