Why China and Apple Are a Match Made In Hell



Four years ago, I wrote a column about the incompatibility between Apple and China . And four years later, that observation is proving to be truer than ever.

What do I mean by “incompatible”? Countries have cultures. And companies have cultures, too. And the cultures of China and Apple are diametrically opposed to each other.

As recent events have demonstrated, Apple is incompatible with China’s business culture, legal system and worker culture.

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7 responses to “Why China and Apple Are a Match Made In Hell”

  1. tekunoloji says:

    What’s “2D data connection speeds?” You mean 2G, right? 

  2. FriarNurgle says:

    Chinese market is worth the growing pains. 

  3. VGISoftware says:

    What a stupid pessimistic statement! Shame on you!

    Apple’s products are universally desirable as witnessed by huge crowds at Apple’s Chinese stores. These are the best kinds of “Trojan Horses” inside China’s gates which promise to significantly help to accomplish peaceful and gradual evolution into better conditions and situations there.

  4. Sam Parmenter says:

    As you say, I think that this is the best way to influence the East. We can’t pressure them into changing their culture as they will simply dig in their heels. There is a lot of demand for apple products in China and public consumerism is a powerful force.

  5. Boris Terekidi says:

    Article about nothing… Thank you.

  6. Mike Rathjen says:

    250 million potential customers has a way of smoothing over problems.

  7. Roger Ramshit says:

     Also nothing is ever truely compatiable. Possibly what is compatible between Apple and China is they are both patient and appear to be both high on edicate and protocol so in this repect China may actually admire Apple. On the other hand, China’s business and political systems are corrupt but that could play out well for Apple because no doubt Foxconn could pressure Chinese officials to lift the ban knwoing that ultimately China benefits more from the Apple iPad and less thatn Proviews iPad vaporware.
    In the meantime Apple should be asking Foxconn to build out their brazillian plant to accomodate iPad production just to ensure Foxconn and Chinese officlas understand the true ramifications of bowing to Proviews trademark squatting.

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