Skip Tunes: A Simple Way To Control iTunes Or Spotify From Your Mac’s Menu Bar [Review]


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I’m always looking for ways to enhance my music listening experience on the Mac. For the last several months I’ve been using Bowtie to control iTunes with keyboard shortcuts, and Ecoute is another great alternative for managing iTunes in a minimal, simplified way.

When the developers of Skip Tunes contacted me, I was intrigued by the app’s menu bar interface. For quick access to simple music playback controls, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Skip Tunes is gorgeously designed. I love the look of the drop-down window, and the app’s simple feature set suits it well. Some will find the lack of customizability dissatisfying, but the good thing is that Skip Tunes will only take you about 60 seconds to figure out.

Clicking the little music icon in the app’s interactive menu bar icon will open the playback window where you can see what you’re listening to, toggle shuffle mode, and access your settings. Album art is displayed above each track, and you can play/pause/skip with the two tiny buttons next to the music icon. Simple.

One of Skip Tunes’ biggest pros is that it can be used to control not only iTunes, but Spotify and Rdio as well on the Mac. If you have either third-party music app installed, you can toggle which source to use in settings.

The Skip Tunes devs have told me that keyboard shortcuts and Growl support are the top two feature requests for future updates. Expect more great things from this little app. You can get version 1.0 now in the Mac App Store for an introductory price of only $0.99.

  • Skip Tunes

    Thanks for the kind words! If anyone has any questions or concerns with Skip Tunes, feel free to contact us. We’re on the Twitters, the Facebooks, and the Emails! ;)

  • Gustavo Santana

    just what i needed

    now, if i could only find something like this but to control spotify on my iphone from my mac

  • Robert Pruitt

    Bought it, thanks.  Very cool. 

  • Michael Tenen

    I’ve been using you control tunes for years and its free!

  • Superkonna

    Bought it. Works as promised (using Spotify). 
    Album art is cropped though, minor annoyance, but maybe this could be fixed in the next update.

  • Al

    Aww I can’t put this on my old MacMini as it needs a 64-bit CPU :(

  • Skip Tunes

     What do you mean cropped? There’s an overlay of the controls over the album artwork, is that what you’re referring to?

  • Superkonna

    That’s it. Just saw it. The nitpicky me would prefer the controls just below the artwork. But great app none the less! It would also be nice to be able to click in the timeline to skip to that part of the song.

  • Skip Tunes

     Skipping in the timeline of a song may come in the future :)