War Hero’s Lost iPod Gets Returned To Him In Iraq



Maybe I’m just a greedy bastard, but if I found a shiny new iPod wedged in between couch cushions at a hospital waiting room, I might ask around if it belonged to anybody, but I probably wouldn’t make the effort to return it to someone who lives thousands of miles away. Dalton Williams is 14 years old, and he’s also a better person than I am because he didn’t just make a weak effort to return a lost iPod to someone nearby, he tracked down the owner who was living 6,000 miles away in Iraq.

While visiting Cone Hospital in Greensboro N.C. Dalton found an iPod in the waiting room couch. After taking the iPod home and recharging it, Dalton found a trove of military pictures, contacts, and music. It took a bit of investigating, but Dalton and his father discovered the iPod belonged to Sgt. Ventrice Curtis, a US soldier serving in Iraq. Sgt. Curtis had shipped his iPod back from Iraq to his family in Louisiana so they could keep his war memories safe. No one knows if the iPod was stolen or if there was a weird mix-up with the package, but somehow it ended up in North Carolina instead of Louisiana.

Lucky for Sgt. Curtis, the iPod fell into the hands of William Dalton who tracked him down and shipped the iPod back to the Sergeant along with a note saying, “I’m really glad that you decided to go over to Iraq and protect us and thank you for serving.”  Turns out that after returning the iPod, Dalton found a new iPod Nano waiting for him underneath his Christmas tree, proving that no good deed goes unrewarded.



[via iSmashphone]