Take Panoramic Photos On Your iOS Device With 360 Panorama [iOS Tip]



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7 responses to “Take Panoramic Photos On Your iOS Device With 360 Panorama [iOS Tip]”

  1. Brandon Montville says:

    Pano is much better. 

  2. chabig says:

    Microsoft’s Photosynth makes taking panoramas amazingly easy.

  3. JadRahme says:

    Personally I think Dermandar is the best panorama app for mobile! Check it out http://thejrexpress.com/2011/0

  4. GregsTechBlog says:

    I use Autostitch when I want a really good looking panorama, and this when I want to simply make a quick one. The edges don’t always line up properly, and I’ve never been able to use it for a good 360 shot. Although, I didn’t like Photosynth too much either, and Apple’s own built in panorama feature isn’t very good. 
    360 is great for quick shots. 

  5. Wes says:

    This isn’t an iOS tip…it’s an app that you buy. The other iOS tips that you’ve given have been things that are withing the software itself. I hope that apple includes Panoramic photos in iOS one day…such a cool tool for photos

  6. Infins says:

    I have tried this, and it is not that good.. the best is DMD…

  7. dannypolicarpo says:

    I agree I tried 360 Panorama when it was first released on the App store then discovered the free might I add, Microsoft Photosynth. To my surprise Photosynth is a great working app considering its produced by Microsoft ;]

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