Jailbreak-Only Apps Respect Your Privacy More Than App Store Apps [Report]


  • Mohammed S. Alazemi

    Does whozcalling respect our privacy?

  • Mike Rathjen

    Somewhere, at this exact moment, Professor Peabody’s mind is exploding.

  • Ed_Kel

    That last sentence makes you look like a tool, Killian. 526 apps from one repository is surely enough data to come to this conclusion…NOT! Private data at stake or not, the hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store must follow the same guidelines and come under the same scrutiny as the rest. That is one thing that cannot be said about jailbroken apps. And besides, Tim Cook has already come out and said that Path was in “violation” and with how much Apple has testified to privacy, you would think that a journalist would be a little more careful before coming to idiotic conclusions like this.

    Aside, lest we forget the app that scammed money from people promising it would fix your battery. Didn’t you report that? Mmhmm, jailbreaking is sooo much safer!!!

  • iDaBoss

    LMAOOO XD, bravo