Siri Reveals That She Will Be Able To Speak Japanese [Konnichiwa]



Rumors of added Siri language support have been swirling for a little while now. As it turns out, the digital assistant herself thinks she can already speak Japanese, despite the fact that the language isn’t officially supported yet.

Apple has said that it is adding Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Spanish support in 2012. Siri can already speak in English (with UK and Australian dialect versions), French and German. Language preferences can be configured in the iOS 5 Settings app on the iPhone 4S, and Japanese is not on option.

It’s interesting that Apple would leak such a detail this way. You can ask Siri “What languages do you speak?” or “Do you speak Japanese?” and find out for yourself.

(via 9to5Mac)

  • DrPlokta

    Siri may claim to have a UK dialect version, but of course it doesn’t. There is more diversity among dialects within the UK than there is across the rest of the English-speaking world put together, and it would need at least a dozen different versions to encompass the UK, probably more like two dozen. Just ask anyone from Glasgow or Newcastle how well Siri works for them. What Siri has is a “south-east England (excluding London)” dialect version.

  • AndrewMclave

    it bees like dat wi th’oul irish way o spaken th’oul inglish an all so she does ! an noh a wurd oh’an oul lie is dat! be gorrahh!!   sure siri canney tell stout fe portar! fer feck sake!   sure wha’ use is dat to me i axe yiz?

  • Giuseppe Pollara

    @DrPlokta:disqus Siri will have problems with Italian dialects as well. There are differences in the pronunciation even between cities in 5 miles range. But I think it’s a personal problem, anyone should always speak as clear as possible and not blame Apple if Siri won’t understand you speaking your dialect or pronounce a word with a rough accent.

    P.S. Forgive my English… :p

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