Just Buy Yearly And Stop Forgetting Other People’s Birthdays [Review]



Hands up if you forget birthdays all the damn time. Hey, whoa, slow down. I can’t see all of you at the back. Waaaaay too many hands. Wait. No, OK, hands down. Let’s do this differently.

We’ll forget about the counting bit, and just assume that pretty much everyone forgets birthdays and ends up hating themselves just a tiny bit more each time. Especially when a few months later, the person whose birthday you forgot remembers yours, and sends a perfectly judged gift too. Dammit.

What you need, forgetful friends, is Yearly. It’s a classic single-task app that costs a single dollar, and goodness me is it a dollar well spent.

Yearly looks at your Address Book data (no, it doesn’t secretly upload copies of it anywhere, it just looks at the data on your device) and hunts down the birthday entries.

(You knew about those, right? You knew that Address Book on OS X has a “Birthday” field for every contact? Yeah, you knew that. Good.)

Then it displays a simple list of forthcoming birthdays, in the order that you need to get your ass in gear and go shopping for gifts. Tap a contact to see their contact details, any notes you’ve added, and even their star sign (if that sort of thing matters to you).

This is a simple app, and you’ll find your way around it in no time. If you don’t have many birthdays entered in your Address Book database, this app will probably encourage you to add them. It’s smart, it’s simple, it’s one dollar, and for a lot of you who put your hands up at the beginning of this post, it’s invaluable.

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13 responses to “Just Buy Yearly And Stop Forgetting Other People’s Birthdays [Review]”

  1. jbach67 says:

    But, does it tell you how old the person is? Outlook for Windows Mobile would let you know how many times an event occurred, so you could tell how old a person was or how long they had been married. I haven’t seen anything similar, but honestly, I haven’t looked.

  2. Sean Murphy says:

    That is a great app !!!
    for people that fill out the entire contact area
    but who does that?
    not an app for me
    Siri baby!!
    She remembers everything!!

  3. Sean Murphy says:

    That is a great app !!!
    for people that fill out the entire contact area
    but who does that?
    not an app for me
    Siri baby!!
    She remembers everything!!

  4. deve2468 says:

     I’m looking at the screen grab here and it appears that it does say how old the person will be:

    “28 years on Thursday”

    “37 years on Sunday”

  5. ScorpionGeorge says:

    Can’t I just set iCal and the calendar iPhone app to remind me of upcoming birthdays? I do that already. What’s different about “Yearly”?

  6. Kevin Gill says:

    This app only works if one has taken the time and populated the “Birthday” entry in the native Address Book in Mac OS.  If one has already done that (populate the “Birthday” entry) then this app does not bring a whole lot new to the table other than the nifty UI.  As “dev2468” mentioned earlier, the native Mac OS Address Book already shows all the information about the individual, for e.g. age, if the “Birthday” field is populated.  But overall, for a buck this app does not look bad at all.

  7. Diogo Lemos Guimarães says:

    People who don’t want to populate the “Birthday” entry in AB, download cobook (@cobookapp) it’s a great app that still on beta and sync with facebook and twitter and push this infos from there… very usefull for lazy ones o/

  8. Spam says:

    Is this really necessary? There is a birthday calendar in iCal already

  9. Kevin Gill says:

    I second the CoBookApp suggestion.  Like mentioned earlier by Diogo Lemos Guimarães, it’s still in beta but it’s an awesome app for Mac OS and has lots of potential.  The best part, it’s FREE.

  10. pcmedman says:

    I use Occasions because it can also pull the birth dates from your Facebook friends, which is helpful if you don’t have too many of them saved in your contacts’ information.

  11. CharliK says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Calendar creates a birthday calendar from your contacts automatically. The only thing it lacks is the ability to add a reminder which Apple could fix rather easily even perhaps allowing users to go into the calendar settings and decide by what means and at what point the reminder happens. Even if it is the same for all birthdays it would be better than nothing

  12. ScorpionGeorge says:

    There actually are reminders for birthdays. I’m not sure if they are set automatically, but I know for sure you can set a reminder. I set a birthday through contacts, then set a reminder through the calendar.

  13. djgrahamj says:

    I prefer Gift Plan for this. In addition to everything Yearly does it also lets you enter gift ideas for people, track what you’re bought in the past, assign people to holidays for gift-giving etc. Really handy.

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