Apple Orders 65 Million Retina Displays For iPad 3 [Report]



Apple has reportedly ordered a whopping 65 million high-resolution 264 ppi Retina Displays from Samsung and LG Display for its upcoming iPad 3. The device is expected to make its debut early next month, and its production is now well underway, according to the report.

What’s interesting is that ChinaTimes did not mention Sharp in its report, which is also rumored to be supplying high-resolution iPad 3 displays to Apple. And as we’ve seen from recent leaks, Sharp displays have almost certainly been in testing for the new device.

It’s unclear, then, whether that 65 million also features Sharp panels, in addition to those from Samsung and LG Display, which already supply Apple with displays for the iPad 2.

65 million units is an incredible figure, and it shows Apple is confident that the device will be just as popular as its predecessor. In comparison, the Cupertino company only ordered 40 million displays for the iPad 2. Let’s hope that the increase will mean there aren’t so many shipping delays this time around.

The third-generation device, which is also expected to feature a quad-core A6 processor and maybe even LTE connectivity, is expected to get its unveiling during the first week of March, with a launch in the U.S. one week later.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • crateish

    C’mon, preorder!

  • Chris Camps

    Is 264ppi technically speaking a retina display? Shouldn’t it be somewhere over 300ppi?

  • Timothy Williamson

    I would think they could get away with calling 264 PPI “retina” because the iPad is held a little further away from the eyes than the iPhone.