This Specialist Image Resizer For OS X Blazes Through Photos [Review]



ImageXY is an image resizer for OS X, available for 10 dollars on the App Store.

That’s quite a lot for something simple like an image resizer, and some people will baulk at spending that kind on money on third party software when Preview (which comes built in to OS X) can do the same job.

Preview can do the job, but ImageXY is a specialist tool and worth considering if you spend a lot of time messing about in Preview to get images to the right size.

For starters, it’s blazing fast and completely painless, handles images dragged in from almost anywhere, and doesn’t complain if you drag in hundreds or even thousands of them. It comes with a small selection of resize presets (640px wide for blog post pics, 128px wide for profile pictures, and so on), but you can add your own presets too.

You can drag in images from almost anywhere. Not just Finder, but iPhoto, or your web browser, or Mail or whatever. Not just images, but folders full of them if you like.

Did I mention how blazing fast it is? When you’re talking folders of 100s of images, it doesn’t even break a sweat.

OK, at $10 it’s not the cheapest option for image resizing. As I said above, if you rarely resize anything, just use Preview; and if you know how, make an Automator workflow (a different one for every output preset you want). But if you just want to save yourself time and hassle, and do a lot of image resizing on a daily basis, ImageXY will probably be 10 dollars well spent.

[xrr rating=60%]

  • OceanCity08226

    It’s okay. But why are the preferences grayed out?
    Can’t I set a “default” output folder?

  • jacobwyke

     @OceanCity08226 – We have delibratly not added any preferences to make the app simpler. You can however select some more advanced options by doing an Advanced Resize (hold down the option key or File  >Advanced Resize).

  • Kuipo

    I don’t really care about speed.  I want to know the QUALITY of the resized image.  You can resize an image in a myriad of ways, but the faster options usually output the ugliest photos.

  • jacobwyke

    Hi, I’m one of the developers. If anybody else has any questions I would be happy to answer them here. Or you can tweet @ImageXY or find us on facebook.

  • jacobwyke

     By default we resize images to the equivalent of a Very High optimised “save for web” within photoshop. With the advanced resize function we then allow you to adjust that. We also keep the original colour profile of the image.

  • Kuipo

     Hi there, I’ve got a question.  I have many (11,000+) High-Res pictures
    that I use for desktops on my 30″ monitor (2560×1600 resolution).  I
    currently only use pictures that are higher resolution than my monitor. 
    I wouldn’t mind reducing the footprint of these images on my HDD by
    resizing them down.  I have a few questions about this…

    1. When resizing, do you only use one method of resizing, or is there the ability to choose? (Bi-cubic, nearest neighbor, etc.)
    2. If changing the method is possible… Is it possible to set something
    up that does a check “if image is greater in resolution than X, resize
    using Y method, else, use Z method”?
    3. Is there a filter that allows me to only resize certain size images, or maybe… only images that are landscape vs portrait?

    I know these are fairly specific requests and you may not have this capability, that doesn’t mean your product is bad… it just may not fit my very specific needs. =0)

  • jacobwyke

    @Kuipo:disqus – Our philosphy is to keep things simple and make choices that 99% of our customers would use, rather than confusing them by pushing the choice onto them. Therefor we only have a single resize method and don’t offer any kind of filtering. Some of our more advanced users use us in conjuction with Automator scripts to first divide their photos into groups which they can then quickly drop into ImageXY and resize.

    It sounds like we might not meet your exact needs at the moment, but keep an eye out for updates in the future as we may meet more of your needs then.

  • OceanCity08226

     Okay, I get the “keep it simple” approach. That being said, is there a way for me to designate a default output folder? 

    And if I don’t use the “advanced” option where does the new resized image end up, in what folder?  I don’t get it. Sorry.

  • jacobwyke

     @OceanCity08226 – The default folder is ~/Pictures/ImageXY/ and is easily accessible by clicking the “Show Resized Images” button that appears when the resize is complete.