Make Your Mac Boot Up Silently [OS X Tips]


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Steve Jobs was obsessed with making the Mac run silently, even going so far as to tell Mac hardware designers to make the internal fans kick-in at a much higher temperature than contemporary PCs. It seems strange, then, that in this zen quest for quietness, the first thing that happens when you turn a Mac on is here a loud bootup chime. If you’d like to get rid of that chime and boot-up as silently as a submarine running deep, it’s easy, thanks to this cute little app.

If you want to turn off your system startup chime for good, check out StartUp Ninja. The simple app does only the one thing; stilling your Mac’s tongue is as easy as clicking an Off button. Want your Mac to start singing again when it starts up? Boot up StartUp Ninja and click the On button. Easy peasy.

StartUp Ninja works under OS X Lion and is a free download.

  • Chris Data

    Not work on older Macs like my iMac 7,1. :(

  • Sean Smith

    Funny thing is, the MacBook Pro I use at work already doesn’t play that startup chime about 80% of the time. I haven’t been able to figure out why.

  • oskwish

    It’s probably because you turned off the computer while it was in silent mode ;)

  • kootenayredneck

    Been using it for a few weeks on my two MBP’s. Nice a quiet when booting up in a library.

  • Sean Smith

    Silent mode? I admit I haven’t been using Macs for as long as some but what exactly are you referring to by silent mode? Is there a mute toggle switch on the side of it like the iPhone? ;P

    If you’re referring to the utility that this article is talking about, I’ve never used it. If you’re referring to having the system volume set to 0 when I turn off the computer, that’s almost never the case.

  • oskwish

    I referred to having the system volume set to 0 ;)

  • Sean Smith

    Ah ok. Yeah, I don’t think that would be it because I really never have it set to zero. The only thing I can think of is that I have a USB headset plugged into the attached keyboard constantly but even then it still manages to play that startup chime at least once in a great while. I wouldn’t think a USB peripheral would affect something like this before the OS has even started to load.

  • axet

    i hate startup scheme

    fuck you stive!
    fuck you apple!

  • Guest

    I remember in high school those 1984 Macs had a very short light beep start up sound now I can’t stand that loud start up chimes! Steve goof on this one! Thanks for tip. 

  • GrimWit

    I’ve always used the feature in MacPilot to do this but its nice to see a specialized app.  I just don’t understand why Apple has not provided a startup chime option in the sound preferences.

  • clauderi

    Startup Sound pref pane does the same.  You can ajust the startup volume or simply mute it.

  • Inchigh

    Just turn your volume down in OSX before you shut down. No need for a third party application. 

  • Chris Data

    This trick not working on older Macs. I tried.