Make Your Mac Boot Up Silently [OS X Tips]


Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 9.16.39 AM

Steve Jobs was obsessed with making the Mac run silently, even going so far as to tell Mac hardware designers to make the internal fans kick-in at a much higher temperature than contemporary PCs. It seems strange, then, that in this zen quest for quietness, the first thing that happens when you turn a Mac on is here a loud bootup chime. If you’d like to get rid of that chime and boot-up as silently as a submarine running deep, it’s easy, thanks to this cute little app.

If you want to turn off your system startup chime for good, check out StartUp Ninja. The simple app does only the one thing; stilling your Mac’s tongue is as easy as clicking an Off button. Want your Mac to start singing again when it starts up? Boot up StartUp Ninja and click the On button. Easy peasy.

StartUp Ninja works under OS X Lion and is a free download.