Win A Free iPad or iPhone Cleaning Pack From Mobile Cloth [Giveaway]



Fingerprint smudges. You probably hate them just as much as we do, but the solution to avoiding them has eluded iPhone users for the past 5 years. Well if you can’t avoid them entirely, you can at least get rid of them in style with your own personalized screen cleaning cloth from Mobile Cloth.  Considering it only cost $6.99 for a pack of two, the Mobile Cloth is a very effective screen cleaner. A quick polish with the cloth removes all the gunk which is much more effective than wiping it on your jeans or tshirt — my previous preferred method of cleaning my iPhone. You don’t even need to use water (unless the grot is completely dried on).

The Mobile Cloth is made from a unique microfiber material, with the fibers split and woven into “nubs” that act like tiny “suction cups,” pulling grease and germs away from the screen, according to the company. What sets Mobile Cloth apart from competitors is the company’s ability to quickly print and ship personalized clothes with your image on them (ordering a pack of 200 personalized cloths retails for $359).

Today we’re giving away 10 packs of two Mobile Cloths to our Twitter followers.

Here’s how to enter:

  • 1 – Follow Cult of Mac on Twitter
  • 2 – ReTweet any of our articles from today and include the hashtag “#iLoveCultofMac!”

Tomorrow at 5PM PST we’ll announce ten winners who will receive a free two pack of Mobile Cloths. The contest is open to readers anywhere in the world, so don’t hesitate to enter.

Good luck.


update: Alright guys we’ve selected 10 winners and here they are:


  • Daniel

    Do they ALL have the “Cult of Mac” Logo on them? : )

  • Wes

    Freakin Twitter giveaways…the eff man?!

  • Wes

    Freakin Twitter giveaways…the eff man?!

  • Neil_Jones

    Kinda looks like Cult of Mac Condoms

  • kuigj

    Can we buy them from you? I want one or two

  • Buster

    aint nuthin wrong with that

  • Alex

    After trying a whole assortment of mircorfiber clothes and various cleansers I figured out  that water and  paper towel works the best.

  • jonathan.payne


  • jonathan.payne

    What the eff….this was posted Cult of Mac (9:47 pm PDT, Feb 14) — 5pm Feb 15th has not happened yet…..why are there winners already???