Last Day to Grab the Mac SuperBundle to Supercharge Your Mac [Deals.CultofMac]


Parallels offers tools and guidance for mass Windows on Mac deployments
Parallels offers tools and guidance for mass Windows on Mac deployments

If you haven’t taken advantage of our latest Cult of Mac dealThe Mac Superbundle — you’d better hurry. You’ve only got a few hours left to pick up 10 great apps at a fraction of their regular price.

Here’s what’s in The Mac SuperBundle:

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac – Run Windows in OS X
  • LittleSnapper – Take Pixel-Perfect Screenshots
  • iStat Menus 3 – Monitor your Mac at a Glance
  • Flux 3 – Create Powerful HTML5 Designs Easily
  • CuteClips 3 – The All-In-One Multiple Clipboard Management
  • iStopmotion Home 2 – Create Stellar Stop-Motion Animations
  • Fantashow – Build Professional Slideshows in Minutes
  • Video Converter 2 – Convert Video Audio & Video into Virtually any Format
  • SyncMate Expert 3 – The All-In-One Sync Tool for Mac
  • Chronicle 4 – Never Worry About Your Bills Again

You’ll get $471 dollars worth of software for only $49 — Flux on its own is normally $120!

For more details on all the great apps you’ll get in the Mac SuperBundle, check out the Cult of Mac Deals page and make your purchase — before the deal is done!


  • stopthisshipt

    who fuc*ing need widows if you have MAC???

  • Dovales

    My father! The company website where he works just open properly on IE :S hehe

  • Alex

    Well there is all kinds of fuc*ing of software that won’t run on Mac… You have to remember some of us do more complicated things with our computers  then just checking  facebook every 5 seconds and surfing the web for porn.

  • alvaro

    most of the world runs windows!!! douche

  • Fernando Teixeira

    can i also install linux through parallels?