Side By Side: Samsung’s 5.3-Inch Galaxy Note Megaphone & The iPhone 4S [Humor]



Over at The Loop, Jim Dalrymple posted a picture of what Samsung’s new 5.3-inch smartphone, the Galaxy Note, looks like next to the iPhone 4S.

While we were over there, guffawing with the rest of you, we happened to note this comment from Joel Glovier, who claims:

Everybody knows this is trick photography, right? The hand on the right is a bit closer to the camera than the hand on the left, as evidenced by the larger shadow of the right hand, and it’s distance away from the hand.

We thought we could put this defense to rest, because at CES, we here at Cult of Mac did a side-by-side comparison shot of the Galaxy Note compared to the iPhone 4S, and — nope — this isn’t trick photography. It really is that big. In fact, we quipped it was an Apple Newton rip-off!

Or as Han Solo might say, “That’s no moon…” But it’s the size of one!

  • joewaylo

    Han Solo? It was Obi-Wan Kenobi that said “That’s no moon … It’s a space station.”
    The only thing I don’t like about the note looking at the picture is the pixelation. It looks like a 3GS quality.

  • Blake Beavers

    I still don’t understand why this site continually mocks this great phone. The Note is the best Android phone on the market and show what we can look forward to in screen size. The iPhone’s screen is and hass been too small ever since the iPhone 4 came out. Sure the retina display trumps everything in looks, but we need a 4″-5″ screen on the iPhone 5 of I am switching to a phone that actually has a large screen.

  • Ken Hughes

    I don’t understand why Samsung keeps making bigger and bigger phones. Personally I think they feel awkward and look ridiculous. Even holding earlier Galaxy phones I found myself saying…wow that’s big…

    And joewaylo gets what few geek points Brownlee had left for the Star Wars quote correction. :)

  • lukehobster

    This is all.

  • FriarNurgle

    That’s not a phone.
    THIS is a phone.

  • prof_peabody

    You say you don’t understand why the site “continually mocks” large phones (they don’t actually because “continually” means all the time and this is like, the second time), but then you don’t provide any argument *for* them.  

    You say the iPhone is “too small” but don’t provide a reason why you think this is true.  You say that big phones are “what we can look forward to,” but that’s not an argument.  You say you are switching to a large screen phone, but again, don’t actually say why.  In short, you don’t have any argument at all, just a preference.  

    Your entire comment amounts to … “I likes it!”  

    so what.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    While I agree that they shouldn’t “mock” this “phone,” because it’s unprofessional and juvenile. I don’t believe that this is the best android “phone” on the market for one main reason. This device should be in the subclass of tiny tablets/massive phones along with the dell streak. I don’t think there is market for this though. I don’t really think that there will be a market squeezed between smartphones and tablets.

  • Ed_Kel

    I thought the Nexus was the best…? Or was it the Galaxy? Droid Razor? This “tab/phone” is Android’s flavor of the week and deserves to mocked for that premise alone, though I digress.

    What are you talking about “what we have to look forward to in size”? When is a big screen too big? You can fashion a headset into the iPad and use that as a phone – I’d bet that tickles your fancy! Speaking of which, we could drop our slacks and compare size, but having the “largest” isn’t everyone’s prerogative. I, along with most iPhone users, do not want a bigger phone. The iPhone’s screen size is perfect for one-hand use, thanks to Apple’s investment in researching this very matter. And besides, IT’S A PHONE FOR GOD SAKES! Eventually they won’t make cargo pockets big enough to hold a Samsung phone, and while I so peacefully use my 3.5″ iPhone, I’ll laugh at how hideous you look walking down the street with the “Next BIG Thing”.

  • Gerry Doire

    Handy for for large fat people with meat cleaver size hands and meaty fingers.

  • b9bot

    I don’t want a phone that big! I need it to fit in my pants pocket. I don’t want to carry a hand carry bag just for my cell phone. That’s rediculous! 

  • iDaBoss

     awesome for gaming and watching videos. not great for fitting into pants. it’s basically a mini tablet.

  • joewaylo

    It’s small enough for your pocket. Not to forget the Galaxy Tab was 5 inches on the first version before 10.1 7.1 etc.

  • iDaBoss

     very tall woman would be a more appropriate comparison. The note is huge but still thin.

  • iDaBoss

     the note is too big, but as a techie, I would like a 4″-4.3″ iPhone for gaming and video watching.

  • iDaBoss

     wow, you get brownie points for posting a sensible comment! it’s nice to see someone who’s not a douche in the comments section.

  • iDaBoss

     true, though the note’s super amoled does make up for it in terms of higher resolution and color and brightness.

  • 5imo

    I want a bigger iPhone, not a poorly thought out badly designed phone running the windows equivalent for mobile. me thinks these asian manufacturers are trying to make up for something?!

  • Mike Rathjen

    I didn’t know Samsung made such a cute little tablet.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    That’s a racist comment!  -1

  • techgeek01

    Samsung is up to something here and I hope others follow here.

    Ultra-thin bezels and software (front) buttons? you could either have this size display in a smaller phone, or a larger display in this (say, 5.5 inches or even 6 inches).

    Personally, I would love to have a phone that has like a 6 inch display. (maybe even close to 7?)  With ultra-thin bezels and software buttons, the overal size of the phone shouldn’t be (really) bigger than this.  Made properly, it should be thinner. Overall, the phone shouldn’t be as big as it sounds.

    Oh, stylus.  Touch is great, but doing stuff (like drawing and such) is a pain with a finger.  far better with a Stylus.

    The thing is, iPhone is too small. Or a lot of phones out there.  And the iPad and other tablets are too big.

    I want something that has the LARGEST possible screen size that is small enough to be easily carried round.  It’s a pain to carry an iPad or a similar size tablet around with you. Unless you have a backpack. Kindle fire and other 7 inch tablets are good, but they are not small enough to be “portable”.  If they were made thinner and with far smaller bezels, well they would be a lot more portable now.

    Samsung is on the right track.  Now, if they made the bezels far skinner and put “software” buttons on the front and increased the display to 6 inches or so, that would be perfect. 

  • Hondamaker

    Get over it.

  • turbohand

    Am I the only one who looked right past the Samsung and became instantly anxious that someone has 257 unread email messages on their iPhone?

  • iDroidFan

    I recently upgraded from my iPhone 3GS to the international verson of the Galaxy Note. It took me about a month to get used to the size, because it is HUGE. The stylus really helps with writing, and even playing games, such as Jelly Defense. I own an iPad 2, as well as a Macbook Air, but the Galaxy Note is THE BEST damn gadget I’ve ever bought. Get it. Get it now.

  • Trisjen1983

    HOnestly the Galaxy Nexus blows the iphone 4s out the water on the OS level with features and functions!!!!  That iphone OS has been the same since 2007, they aren’t stepping out the box, Apple is still in the box and limiting themselves!!! iOS 5 sucks also, it’s a disgrace to competition, just stolen features and ideas claimed as Apple’s own!!

  • Trisjen1983

    You are doing a disservice to the smartphone community by putting that iphone next to that Samsung beauty!!! That screen is hideous and too darn small!!! Apple get the memo!!

  • Bervick

    It is really not that big. It is the small iPhone that makes it look THAT big. I checked out the Galaxy Player at Best Buy which is a 5″ mp3 player by Samsung. It was not uncomfortable at all in my normal not baggy trouser pocket. My wallet is far more uncomfortable than it. Go try it for yourself and find out. 

    There was only 1 thing that came to mind. Unless you have very large hands, making a LONG telephone call will probably not be comfortable. I felt it could probably slip out from my hand if I moved my fingers in case they got tired from holding on to it for long. That is theory because I’ve not actually held it for that long to know. So perhaps, if this is a valid issue, then the more important question you have to ask yourself is – do you spend a long time over a phone call and frequently; and have normal sized palms ?  If the answer is yes, you MIGHT not enjoy holding it comfortably for some time on a call, regardless of how it appears to others. I’ll know soon enough IF I go ahead and get it.

    Given that is has a stunning display that is sure to attract attention, besides putting a smile on your face, the fact that there are more than enough apps now on Android, that it will probably run desktop versions of sites, why would you not go for it. The most significant aspect of a smart phone is visual interaction based. Not so much about the call/voice aspect. Given that, it makes no sense to be in denial that a small 3.5″ screen is perfect. Try a 5″ screen for 30 days, then go back to your iPhone and IF you don’t miss it, you have a valid point. I bet it will feel like going from a 50″ TV to a 32″ TV. You will notice it immediately.

    Here are various out-of-the-box demos of the S Pen. If app developers work on it, there is no telling what their creativity will bring about. We have already seen this with the iPhone/iPad.

  • zagatosz

    I guess if you are a guy you get a man purse?

  • iDroidFan

    At zagatosz

    That’s what I thought when I got my Galaxy Note. But no, not really. Im not that tall, approx 5ft 10 and it fits rather easily into my jeans front pocket. My jeans aren’t those baggy hipster jeans either. While walking down the street, I completely forget it’s there. And sitting down? No problem. While the Galaxy Note is large, it’s also really thin, so yeah, no problems for me.

  • kylereddoch

    Makes me wonder how retarded people will look when they are holding this to their ears talking to someone. “Here let me take this brick out of my pocket and answer my call.” 

  • Bridger Lowe

    Haha, NO. The screen on that Galaxy note is not as good as the iPhones. Sure it’s AMOLED but the iPhones screen is beautiful and has a 20% higher PPI. Also, I personally hate Samsungs design choices. It looks like a hunk of plastic, while the iPhone is a sexy slab of glass and aluminum. And another thing, a stylus? Come on. What is this? 2003? 

  • Ed_Kel

    You, my friend, are an idiot. I would rebut your comment but it would be a redundant waste of my time to show you just how wrong you really are.

  • Nathan Glass

    Hipsters don’t wear baggy jeans. They wear skinny low rise jeans, dick face.

  • John M

    So I guess everyone in the 80s and early 90s who had cell phones looked retarded too. 

  • dwplay11

    Look what he just pulled out of his pants its huge!

  • mbritten

    Bah, my phone is a reference device I use for quick bits of info while traipsing around town. No way I’ll carry something that large.

  • sn0wball

    looking back, yeah they did

  • sn0wball


  • kylereddoch

    Well back then there were only a few cellular phones and they were all bulky. It was the standard and the only way to make them back then. Fast forward to today, technology has redefined the possibilities manufacturers have in creating mobile phones. Today, the standard in sleek, small, more convenient, usable size. 

  • Ed_Kel

    We prefer the name, satchel.

  • Ed_Kel

    Yes. Yes they are good sir.. 

  • warex3d

    iphone looks like shit

  • Bored&Ignored

    The Samsung Galaxy Note, a flat screen tv with smartphone capabilities lmao what a joke! samsung is hustling backwords: 5.3 inches=too big for comfort, and a stylus (!!??) i thought this was an android phone not a palm pilot. stylus are useful for small screens not iPad nanos like this. what this “phone” should come with is a keyboard and power adapter.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Close to 7??? At 7 inches you are the same size as a Kindle Fire!

    Heck, if you want a 7″ phone, buy a 7″ tablet, install Skype, and call it a phone.

  • grayewards

    The new Samsung galaxy Note is just an amazing Device. It’s provide Very good 5.3 Inch screen. This phone might comfit the market of Tablets as it’s great design similar to Tablets and lite in weight than Tablets.            

  • Guest

    I have a Galaxy Note and it fits easily in my hand. I use it both as a phone and now in preference to my iPad in the living room. The stylus isn’t needed for anything on this device except for when you want very precise line drawing etc in the graphics programs. And believe me you can get much better accuracy than with a finger – but you don’t have to use the stylus if you don’t want to. I am over 50 and my eyesight is not what it used to be. To see an iPhone screen clearly I need reading glasses, but not so with the Note. This is an issue that will (eventually) affect most people. So the Note has a solid reason for being, supported by over a million sales. It will never be an iPhone or iPad ‘killer’, it simply fits a good niche in the market and suits people like me down to the ground.

  • Jay Alvarez

     this is actually the reason why I switched to an android phone. iphone is ridiculously too small for keyboard typing, internet, apps, movies, games and everything else, very tedious to work with. The only good thing the iphone is good for is making calls.  I say that cause if iphone users actually tried android with the basic 4.5 or so screen they would use that instead. Just saying Apple is stubborn in a dumb way. They need to make a bigger iphone.

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