Repeat Timer Pro Is A Great Thing For Timing Things [Review]



This is the timer-tastic Repeat Timer Pro, a two-dollar multitimer for iOS.

Inside it you’ll find three configurable timers. All the timers can run simultaneously, and of course there are plenty of alarm sounds to choose from. If you need timers to repeat themselves 99 times, you can do that too. You can even run an interval timer to time the times between your timers.

For those of you who constantly find yourselves cooking pasta, working out, and, erm, timing some other thing, Repeat Timer Pro might be a lifesaver. Cooking and exercise are the two daily activities that immediately spring to mind, but you don’t need to bend your mind far to think of others. Lab technicians might find uses for this. Or office workers doing Pomodoro. Want to know how it was made? The developer has put together an interesting look behind the scenes.

If timing things is your thing, this app should be your timing things thing. Two bucks. Here.

[xrr rating=90%]