House of Marley Ships the Dopest Dock To Rock an iPod



Everyone was jamming in the little corner where House of Marley was stashed during the official press event at CES, and a big part of that was due to their Bag of Rhythm dock — the Marley PR people carried it around slung on their shoulders, and it just rocked, man.

Appropriately, the BoR’s 1″ tweeters and twin 4.5″ woofers and amp are housed in sustainably sourced birch, and the whole thing lives in a cotton bag. There’s an AUX port to augment the 30-pin connection. Oddly, it also runs on D-cell batteries — when was the last time a dock did that.

The dock sells for $350, five percent of which, House of Marley says, will go to, a charitable organization begun by the Marley family “focused on youth, planet and peace.” Bob would be proud.