Change Or Reset Your Apple ID Password On Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]


  • Jack Horner

    I had to change my password and now my ICloud links have been messed up.  I also cannot update my Apps.  I can download but not update.  Any suggestions?

  • Ronald Stepp

    I really wish there were a way to tell your iphone or ipad to send a 6 digit 1-minute code that pops up the way other notifications do for ANYTHING that requires a passcode.  Really.

  • joewaylo

    Try logging out of the App Store and iTunes of your mobile. Shut your iDevice off then back on before trying this. If it fails:
     * Open the app store and iTunes store separately
     * Go to “Featured”
     * User email (your email) / Sign Out (Make sure it says Sign In)
     * Update your Mail/Contacts/Calendar login credential from Settings
    * There may also be a credential in the iTunes Automatic Downloads section in Settings
     * Log back in to the app store
     * Perform the Update

    A popup may also appear that says “Please review the terms of service before being allowed to update or making a new purchase.”

  • Lee Bishop

    this was a big help – thanks!