Turn Your iMac Into A One-Armed Productivity Monster With Twelve South’s HoverBar iPad Stand



Twelve South is known for making great products that don’t just look really cool, but serve higher functions without losing focus on maintaining simplicity. They’re one of the best Apple accessory makers on the planet, and their latest accessory is just another example of why the company is so successful. Meet the HoverBar. It’s an adjustable arm iPad stand that attaches to an iMac or Apple display allowing users to setup their iPad as a secondary touchscreen computer.

Simply connect the HoverBar to your iMac, snap your iPad 2 into the secure clip, and you have quickly transformed your desk into a multi-screened workstation. While I think it looks a little bit funny to have a small screen iPad next to a 27″ iMac, having quick access to information on two screens will likely boost many users’ productivity. Another great use of the HoverBar would be to utilize the iPad stand in the kitchen. Users could browse for detectable new recipes on Pinterest with their iPad 2, and then quickly set off to making dishes in the kitchen by keeping an eye on their iPad 2 by attaching the HoverBar on any surface up to one inch thick.

Available now for $79.99, the HoverBar is made of black heavy gauge steel that adjusts to provide ideal viewing in any circumstance. Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South said, “HoverBar was actually inspired by the multi-screen computers in the movie Minority Report. Even though Tom Cruise didn’t have to actually touch any screens in Minority Report, the iPad 2 is the closest technology to the crazy stuff seen in the movie, and the HoverBar definitely takes the iPad 2’s versatility to the next level.