Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Will Include CS6 & Lightroom 4 For $50 Per Month



Adobe is set to launch a new service during the next few months called the Creative Cloud, which will allow users unlimited access to its pricey Creative Suite 6 package for just $49.99 a month. What’s more, Lightroom 4 will also be bundled in as soon as it’s out of beta.

That’s pretty terrific when you consider purchasing CS6 up-front will cost your around $2,000. In comparison, $600 a year is a bargain, and you get a lot more for your money.

Creative Cloud will launch alongside CS6 towards the later stages of the first half of 2012, according to Adobe. And it’s not just CS6 you’ll get access to. Your $50 per month will also provide you with 20GB of cloud-based storage that will allow you to sync documents between your desktop machine and your mobile devices.

And speaking of mobile devices, you’ll also receive access to all of Adobe’s touch apps that were released for iOS devices last year, including Kuler, Collage, Proto, Debut, and Ideas. As if that wasn’t enough, Adobe is also throwing in its Business Catalyst product for web hosting, Typekit for web fonts, and its Digital Publishing Suite that turns static content into wonderfully interactive iPad apps. By the end of the year, you’ll also get access to Adobe’s new Edge and Muse web authoring tools.

If you subscribe to the service, Adobe also promises early access to new feature updates, leaving those who purchase the software outright — or download it illegally — to wait. Of course, this is a little disappointing to those who pay full price for the software, but it’s all about thwarting those pirates.

We can’t see any reason why you’d want to pay $2,000 for the software up front, anyway. There are also some benefits to business users, with a team option that adds collaboration and additional security features for $69.99 per user.

There is one downside, but it’s a pretty minor one: You can’t just sign up to Creative Cloud for a month to complete a project then end your subscription. The minimum subscription term is 12 months. But again, that’s still significantly cheaper than purchasing the software at retail price.

  • Len Williams

    I’m not so sure. I use Adobe’s Creative Suite and before it, all the separate software apps since 1989. I’m still using CS4 and haven’t upgraded to CS5 yet. My upgrade cost was $600 and I paid that 2 years ago. With the new plan I’d be paying DOUBLE that for 2 years and be forced to upgrade to a newer version even if I didn’t want it–unless I just got a one-year subscription and kept working with a version I was comfortable with. I guess it would work out to be the same cost for me, so no harm done.

    As a graphic designer with clients around the world, I need to be sensitive to the capabilities of my clients. It was a nightmare for 2 of them when I upgraded to CS4, because it forced them to upgrade as well to be able to open and work on the files I sent them.

  • Tor Naerheim

    I certainly hope Adobe will still offer purchases of their new CS suites as well. I for one, will never “rent” the software on a monthly basis, and I don’t know a single other user of Adobe’s products that will either.