Use Fahrenheit To Display The Temperature On Your Home Screen Without Jailbreaking [iOS Tip]


  • Alex Stewart

    cue the “Fandroids”.

  • Brandon

    Said it before, I’ll say it again.  Fairly new to the iPhone (4s launch) and I’ve found many of these tips very useful.  Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • gettysburg11s

    I use Fahrenheit and its pretty awesome.  They’ve made the app itself much faster over time, and its actually useable now.  The temp on the home screen is great too.  The only drawback is the maps.  They kinda suck.

  • Gheedsgreed

    *looks around for them*

  • djrobsd

    And I’m sure this won’t provide any additional drain on your battery life? LOL!!!!

  • CyborgOne

    Bad UI: The “Enabled / Disabled” switch is difficult to interpret (wait, which one is active? The blue, or the slightly-different blue?)

    Instead, why not simply a “Badge icon displays temperature: On / Off” STANDARD control?

  • prof_peabody

    Figures they would name it “Fahrenheit” when no one outside of the USA has even heard of that term for about twenty years.  I always laugh when I hear someone from the USA say that it’s over a hundred degrees outside or some such nonsense.  Totally medieval.  

  • 5AMTech

    What is the little bug in the top left hand corner of the screen?

  • David Butt

    You could try the Celsius App linked in the article…..

  • Giovanni Doveri

    The Fahrenheit system is still used in Belize and the Cayman Islands.  So people out side of the United States have heard of it.  

  • Srome95

    Zeppelin. It’s a jailbreak tweak that allows you to put a carrier picture.

  • jwilling


  • Robert

    I always laugh when I hear someone like you open their mouth.  Totally medieval, indeed.