Apple Brings Genius Recommendations For Movies And TV Shows To The Apple TV



Apple has released a software update for the Apple TV that brings Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows to the set-top box. The service works like Netflix’s recommendations to give you suggested titles based on your previous purchases.

The Genius feature is available under the Movies and TV Shows section of the Apple TV. Recommendations are featured in a “Movies For You” category and separate sections based on previously purchased titles.

Suggestions don’t seem to be based on anything specific, like genre. Apple’s algorithm most likely takes into consideration your accumulative viewing habits to enhance results, mirroring how Genius works in iTunes already. Genius sounds like a perfect feature to integrate into the upcoming Apple television, no?

(via AppleInsider)

  • FenTiger

    Hmmmm. If it’s anything like the one in iTunes, it’s a misnomer. Should be renamed Eeejit.