Here Are Cult Of Mac’s Twitter Celebration Giveaway Winners!





We’ve had a great time this week seeing everyone be so enthusiastic about the Twitter Celebration Giveaway. Five excited winners took home some excellent printers and monitors from HP. We want to give a big thanks to all our readers who participated in the giveaway and who have supported us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Also, a huge thank you to HP for being such a great company to team up with and providing all the prizes.

This Week’s Winners:

Thanks for playing this week everyone.

The Prizes: 


HP ZR2740w 27-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor. With a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 3.7 million pixels pumping out a billion colors in a sleek ultra-modern design, this monster is the best display HP currently produces and it is already being adopted by Mac users. It’s perfect for use with a Mac Mini or as a second monitor for an iMac. They’re on sale now for $729, but we’re giving you three chances this week to win one for free.

The HP ENVY110 e-All-in-One Printer ENVY110 is designed to subtly blend into any living space and is ideal for mobile users who want a compact wireless printer for the home. It features a sleek and compact form factor and a wealth of innovative functions like HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint for printing from smartphones and tablets. You can also access and print web content from, Google Docs and Facebook Photos directly from the ENVY’s large color touchscreen.


Prizes and promotional support provided by HP.


Click here to review official contest rules.

[teaser-top]Prizes: 3 HP ZR2740w 27-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor And 2 HP ENVY110 e-All-in-One Printers! Enter now![/teaser-top]

  • ddevito

    Cult of Mac gives away HPs? Is this some sort of twisted joke?

  • GJNilsen

    Thanks, Cult of Mac. TUAW is taking over your place in my Top Sites Grid from now on. You are pushing these scamvertisements too hard! Has been fun, but now its enough. CYA!

  • Eko Priambodo

    here is my tweet to win this giveaway >!/mnemoni

  • kootenayredneck

    Well so much for tweeting that contest. Only open to people in the lower 48.

  • gabriel jones

    So first CoM angers its readers by forcing them to read their Cult of Android crap (which NOBODY who frequents this site gives one flying f%@! about ANYTHING Android related) because they aren’t getting enough traffic to that site. I wanted what they were thinking when they came up with that idea … “oh lets just try and convince our Mac using, iPhone owning, AppleTV watching readers to start frequenting our CoA site as much as they do the CoM site”? Then they continue to post these articles despite the comments about it (hence they disable any comments on Android related posts), and now as a website that has gained millions of readers by displaying a passion for Apple products and so forth is giving away a Windows based product by a company whose products couldn’t compare to any Apple product to celebrate the accomplishment of gaining 200,000 followers on Twitter? Dont you think a large percentage of those followers are like “are you fucking kidding me, an HP?”. I would have figured a site with the word “Mac” in it would at the least give away an AppleTV, I mean its only 99$ at Best Buy. I dont think anyone would disagree that giving away an Apple product would have made more sense in this situation, or maybe the celebration of 200,000 followers isn’t worth the give away of a product that is even worth your time winning. All Im saying is I doubt I will ever see HP give away anything made by Apple, and Im sure your going to say “oh well its sponsored, so of course CoM did the giveaway”. So basically CoM can be bought by anyone if thats a true statement. Short rant now over. Just a little food for thought in case the editors are reading, take care of the dishes for me.

  • Johnny

    Oh Ok, US only. One UK resident now unfollowing your crappy twitter.

  • Buster

    Are you kidding? it’s not like we’re giving away a freaking HP Windows 7 computer here. We’re giving away a super nice 27″ LED HP Display that you can use with a Mac Mini or as a second monitor for a 27″ iMac. It’s a nice display. Sure the bezel isn’t that great on it, but the display itself is really nice, but you’re going to complain that we’re not giving away an Apple product? Give me a break. 

  • Buster

    just the monitor and printers. not like we’re giving away HP computers

  • Clark Wallace

    Some of these comments are so ungrateful, I can’t enter ’cause I live in Scotland but I wish all the best to the people that do enter, very nice of you CoM.

  • Jordan Clay

    This is hilarious,  I’ve never seen people flip out and bitch so much about a contest.   LOOK..the monitor is a SUPER NICE monitor,  it isn’t as pretty and stainless as Apples’ BUT C’MON….it is FREE.   If you don’t want the monitor, don’t enter the gives people that actually want it a better chance on winning.  

    People are flipping out like They are giving away a Windows 7 Laptop, Samsung Android Phone and Making you get a Tattoo that says “apple sucks”

  • Buster

    well TUAW just threw a party at MacWorld where they were giving away HP stuff too, so have fun…

  • Jordan Clay

    P.S.  Buster, my twitter handle is @straightsix9904….I’m just saying…I really REALLY like that monitor

  • Tom Watts

    I’m interested in Android and Mac and HP for that matter. If it does the job I really don’t care who makes it. 

    If you don’t want to win the competition, don’t enter! 

  • waynerod

    Darn… US only. Can you please have more for Australia and UK (and other countries) as well?

  • AdamA

    and again – all those unfortunate to live outside “the one and only country in the World” are out of luck… I need to reconsider visiting Cult of Mac again… :(

  • facebook-100000670318505

    Yeah Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie

  • Buster

    we’re not the ones that determine if a contest is US only. The company that ships the products tells us where they’re willing to ship a prize too and most don’t want to have to say they’ll ship worldwide and then have to pay $200 to ship a product to someone in the jungles of India if they win. 

    We understand it’s a bummer and that we have a huge audience outside the US (almost 40% of our readers live outside the US) but somethings are beyond our control

  • FriarNurgle

    Come on. Daddy needs a new printer. 

  • Maximos Angelakis

    i want a printer :D :P

  • Jonathan Ober

    you do know they are probably either a) not allowed to outside of the US per HP’s requirements or b) will not cover overseas shipping.

  • grajasekar

    Here’s to winning ;) 

  • Holly B

    I did all the required stuff :)  revmaynardebay at gmail dot com

  • ekhotchocolate

    @arshdeepapple:twitter Is waiting for the giveaway!!

  • Daniel

    Done, Done, and Done… took me a minute to subscribe to the news letter… the little box didn’t appear to me at first.

    Hope I win… I could use the 32″ upgrade from my 11″ MacBook Air

  • rpowell138

    Done and done. The ZR series are great monitors. AG coating might be a little harsh for some people. But still, its a 27″ IPS with good resolution. The stand is especially nice on them as well.

  • Andrij Pok

    I just got a mac and I would love to get a beautiful 27 inch hp display!!! im using a broken one right now :( :( :(

  • Hondamaker

    How do you subscribe to the newsletter? I can’t find a link anywhere.

  • Hondamaker

    Never mind, I found it. Duh!

  • Reuben Evans

    That’s not a bad monitor!

  • Daniel

    I know… Don’t know about the rest of you, but on my Mac’s Safari, it doesn’t show up!

  • James Allen Matney

    Not to mention, Apple doesn’t really like it when you give their stuff away… or so I’ve heard. If you don’t like the Android stuff, skip over it. It’s not that hard.

  • Loke2112

    Anyone who like MAC stuff and HP crap ought to have their head examined…

  • gabriel jones

    Of course its not that hard, its just the way the writers try to force you to view the Android articles. I’ve never seen anything other than Apple stuff on Apples website, so I would expect this one to be the same. If the reader wanted to know about Android, I doubt he would be scrolling through a site titled “CultofMac”. Of course any website looking to gain readers on a 2nd domain is going to practice what CoM does but it is a fact that people who own Apple products usually dont tend to care too much for other competitor products.

  • MrUnderwood

    Although I did not win,  I wanted to say Thank You for doing a contest that does not include facebook.  

  • James Allen Matney… That’s all I’m saying. lol

  • DavidWMartin

    I’m using an HP Envy 100 printer. I’ve used HP printers for years and years. I remember buying one of their first consumer Laser printers for $800. I’m also using a Dell 24″ display to the right of my 27″ iMac. Who cares who it is from as long as it works!

  • Eduardo Maia

    Cult of Mac giving HP stuff?? What happened? Apple didn’t give you guys anything, even after all the a$$ kissing?

  • James Allen Matney

    Apple selling the same printer, on their website. Apple sells more than Apple stuff. I think it’s actually pretty safe to say that the majority of items in an Apple store aren’t apple at all.