The Best iPhone Train Game Just Got Better



A few months ago, Days of Wonder released the $2 iPhone version of their overwhelmingly popular, award-winning board game, Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride Pocket amazed everyone by including all the elements of the iPad version in a smaller, tighter, but just as engrossing package — only with one huge hole: While you could play real people around you via a Bluetooth connection, there wasn’t any way to play against people who weren’t in the same room with you. All that changed yesterday, making TTR pocket one of the best board game on the iPhone, right up there with chess and Words with Friends.

Unlike the iPad version, Days of Wonder didn’t set up servers for playing opponents cross-platform (for instance, many games I’ve played on the iPad have been against players using the web-based version of the game). Instead, players on TTR Pocket will only be able to play other TTR Pocket players, and only through Apple’s Game Center. With 130,000 TTR Pocket players (Days of Wonder says) though, finding another player to quench your track-building thirst shouldn’t be an issue.