Want A $65 iPad 2? Check Your Local Goodwill [Image]


Screen Shot 2012-02-03 at 9.46.07 AM

Sometimes you wake up, and life’s just out to kick you in the junk as hard as it can. Other days, you wake up and the whole world is smiling on you.

I think this lucky S.O.B. of a Redditor qualifies in the latter category, don’t you? He found a brand new, boxed 32GB iPad 2 WiFi at his local Goodwill charity shop for only $65.

Sixty-five bucks! Amazing. That’s, like, the street value of a crappy BlackBerry Playbook or something, not a top-of-the-line tablet made by Apple. What did they nip in the coffee at the Goodwill that day, I wonder?