Want A $65 iPad 2? Check Your Local Goodwill [Image]


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Sometimes you wake up, and life’s just out to kick you in the junk as hard as it can. Other days, you wake up and the whole world is smiling on you.

I think this lucky S.O.B. of a Redditor qualifies in the latter category, don’t you? He found a brand new, boxed 32GB iPad 2 WiFi at his local Goodwill charity shop for only $65.

Sixty-five bucks! Amazing. That’s, like, the street value of a crappy BlackBerry Playbook or something, not a top-of-the-line tablet made by Apple. What did they nip in the coffee at the Goodwill that day, I wonder?

  • Clark Wallace

    He should of told them its R.R.P and bought it for a decent price seeing as it’s for charity, just my opinion.

  • Aj Tk427

    Agreed, even if you said look, this is worth way more, I’ll give you 250 dollars for it or something like that. You still get a deal on an iPad, and you’re not ripping off Goodwill.

  • FriarNurgle

    Be interesting to hear the story behind how this iPad ended up at Goodwill.

  • Jordan Clay

    How did he rip off Goodwill,  You are assuming that everybody at Goodwill had absolutely no idea what an iPad was.   They marked it at a certain price, he bought it.  All is fair IMO

  • HammerOfTruth

    “In Philadelphia it’s worth 50 bucks! Man this thing is so hot it’s burning my fingers!”

  • Blake Beavers

    brb going to Goodwill

  • Mike Rathjen

    It seems very unlikely to me that this would have made it past the Goodwill employees onto the retail floor.

  • MacAdvisor

    He ripped off Goodwill because he exploited his superior knowledge in the market place to buy something well below its true market value. While that is normally OK, the buyer and seller are both autonomous actors attempting to gain the greatest possible advantage, Goodwill is a charity, selling items to raise funds for its good works. It is not in the market place to maximize profit, but to increase world good. To use one’s market knowledge to keep from them the full market price is to keep them from doing the maximum amount of good. To see the problem, one has to lift one’s eyes above the purely economic and see the ethical dimension. 

    There is a difference between getting over on your local supermarket on the price of a package of cookies and doing so with your local girl scout. 

  • Ken Hughes

    By his “superior knowledge in the market place” do you mean “ability to do a simple Google search to determine price”?


    This story has BS written all over it. Even a millionaire would not drop off a perfectly good iPad at goodwill.

  • lantzn

    Too many people won’t get your point. There’s too much “me first” attitude today.

  • dbabbage

    Best ever free publicity for Goodwill? Bet their visitor numbers skyrocket for the next couple of weeks…

  • SevanGrim

     yes he does. you think everyone knows what an Ipad is and how much its worth, but there are still people out there who manage just fine without tv’s and computers. Those people wouldnt have a clue what an ipad was worth, and they would also be more likely than the rest of us greed driven americans to work at a place like GoodWill.
     i know this because ….IM BATMAN!
    jk im just not arrogant. try it sometimes.

  • Jeremy Buck

    Goodwill makes a profit by selling items. they received the item for free and in this instance made a $65 profit on said item. This was a much better sale for them than the $1 mismatched candle sticks that will sit on their shelf for the next 2 years wasting space

  • Clark Wallace

    Amen to that, I’m glad I came back here to find somebody shot down that disrespectful d**khead called Jordan.

  • Clark Wallace

    $65 is around £41 here in Scotland, that’s the price of a videogame so I’d hardly say they’re making a GOOD profit.

  • CharliK

    It’s a profit, it all helps. 

  • CharliK

    Probably not that interesting. someone likely got it as a gift from their company or such and tried to return it to find out that it was not returnable for some reason and said F it and tossed it in the end of the year charity pile. And although Goodwill only make $65 on it I bet someone will be taking it as a $599 donation write off.