There Will Not Be An Apple Event In February, Stay Tuned For March [Report]



Following up on this morning’s rumor about a “strange” and “unusual” Apple event this month, Jim Dalrymple has officially debunked the claim that Apple will hold an event in February of this year.

Japanese blog Macotakara had updated its previous claim that Apple would introduce the iPad 3 this month by saying that the company was instead planning a “strange” event that didn’t involve new hardware. Neither of these reports are true, and we can instead expect an iPad announcement in March.

Dalrymple weighs in on the rumor madness:

This is not going to happen, according to my sources. Apple will not hold an event in February, unusual or otherwise. That’s it.

Multiple sources have been corroborating an early-2012 iPad announcement for months, and March sounds like an excellent timeframe for such an event. The iPad 2 was unveiled in March of last year. Apple’s next-generation tablet is expected to feature a higher resolution display, faster processor, and Siri integration.

Dalrymple has always had a pretty spotless track record when it comes to Apple rumors. Don’t expect any sort of Apple event this month. March, however, should prove to be very interesting.

  • Peter Dudycz

    Most likely March 6 or 7.

  • Al

    I’m not trying to start a flame war, but I do wonder what the chances are that your new shiny iPad 3 was one of those whose back was polished by some 16 year old kid who was later obliterated and burned to death in an aluminum dust explosion? Seriously.

    Will my device be a deathPad?

  • poppa1138

    no! no! and thrice no!, I want it now..

  • Peter Dudycz

    If the soul is included, it’s worth more.

  • Mike Rathjen

    I assume you’ve verified that all of the components on the computer you’re using was made in the first world?