Stuck On Earth, Perhaps, But Not Stuck For Lovely Photos To Look At [Review]



Today’s Best Thing Ever has to be Stuck on Earth, an app for travellers who haven’t left home yet.

The app uses the vast Flickr database of geotagged photos and plots them on a map. Tap on where you want to go in the world, and let the app dig out photos of it for you.

Although there’s a lot of Flickr in this app, it’s not an official Flickr product. Rather, it was put together by Flickr user Trey Ratcliff.

You want a demo video? You got it:

And yes, the app really does welcome you like that. You can turn off the voice if you like.

Stuck on Earth is a great app for anyone who likes travel, photography, or both. Or even just Flickr. It’s free, it’s beautiful, and it’s already helped me look up some possible summer holiday destinations for me and my family, and I’ve only had it an hour or so. Go grab.

[xrr rating=80%]

  • Jackson Myers

    Nice app but the sexy woman voiceovers are a bit over the top. They aren’t just in the video, you’ll find that woman starts talking to you each time you use the app.

  • macjackb

    Only for iPad.