LifeProof Unveils a Whole Line of Adventure-Crazy iPhone 4/S Mounts



Some gadgets love the rugged outdoors; the iPhone, with its sensitive, water-fearing innards, is more of a house gadget. Awww. Then LifeProof stepped in to change that when it launched its $80 water-, dirt-, snow- and shockproof case last summer. Now, the company has unveiled a line of four modular mounts that fit the LifeProof case, turning the iPhone into an electro-Leatherman.

The four mounts include a bike mount ($40), an armband/swimband holster, a belt clip ($30) and an adapter ($30) for GoPro‘s line of mounts, which essentially turn the iPhone into an action-cam. All are available now except the armband, which should be out in March.

No doubt, the case and mounts are pricey; but consider that one of the coolest things about the system is that the iPhone doesn’t need to be removed from the case to be attached to any of these mounts, making it especially useful for multisport events like triathlons (oddly enough, none of the company’s founders are triathletes — though LifeProof is based in San Diego, practically the most triathlete-friendly city in the U.S.).

  • BrianWards

    It probably is unnecessary. no offense,but, you probably don’t need, and
    i doubt you use all the features that it has. but if your parents can
    afford it,

  • Scott Batchelar

    UHH, What planet are you from EFaucets? I have the Case and the Bike Mount and it is by far the BEST iPhone case out there.

    Yes it is pricey but after having my screen on my iPhone 4s busted once I wanted to get a system that completely protects my iPhone and allows me to use it on my Bike, when I go out in the Rain (definitely often here in Portland Oregon) and go Hiking and NO OTHER case even comes close to doing that. 

  • FriarNurgle

    Really enjoy my LifeProf case. Bike mount would be cool… but I worry about excessive vibrations damaging the phone.