Vokul: A Siri-Like App For Handsfree Voice Control On Any iOS Device


  • Sticktron

    Are you serious?
    The big feature is that you can launch the app, tap the ear icon, then say a passphrase, an then issue a command?

    And 20x a day limit? Wicked.

  • Cordelia1

    It’s using Nuance A.K.A. Dragon dictation, that is free and does not have a limit of 20 x per day

  • Kirsten Kulis

    The 20 dictation/24 hour limit has been removed!

  • Akshay Suvarna

    Yet another Siri like bot? eh … Have something original for god sake. Technology should keep updating not keep copying, look at ‘myBantu’ a pure Siri competitor with its rich technology (Active relevance) having much more future scope and more domain centric approach (Dining,movie,shopping, local search) unlike Siri which just a Smart chatbot.

  • MacGoo

    As a marketer, I’m not even going close to this thing. For one reason: trendy alternate spelling. Turning “Vocal” into “Vokul”? SERIOUSLY? I must now personally chastise these hipsteresque marketing n00bs by refusing to give them my one measly download…

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    I have used Evi on my iPhone 4 and it sucks.  Vokul is the best implementation of voice in a non iPhone 4S around.  I will welcome the bluetooth and twitter update soon.  Definitely worth the 2.99  I use my iPhone 4 all the time while on my way to work.  This app gives me exactly what i want.  It allows me to control my phone during rush hour.