As Apple Explodes In The Workplace, Introducing Our New Business Reporter


Cult of Mac's new business reporter, Ryan Faas, is the author of iPhone for Work, and a long-time contributor to publications like Computerworld.

For longtime Apple fans and new Mac and iOS users alike, this is a fascinating time to be living and working. Apple is becoming a fixture in every kind of workplace. It seems like every week there are stories of businesses investing in iPads or MacBooks, including the recent Forrester report that one in five people now use an Apple device on the job and 50% of companies issued Macs to at least some staff members. Not to mention the Checkpoint study that showed corporations preferring iOS over both Android and BlackBerry.

In other words, Apple, the iPad and iPhone are revolutionizing business, and Cult of Mac is joining that revolution. That’s why I take great pleasure in introducing Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac’s new business reporter. Ryan will be writing for the site full-time, covering the incredible march of Apple technology into the workplace. Ryan is a veteran tech journalist who has written extensively about Apple, business and enterprise IT, and the mobile industry. He’s contributed to Computerworld, InformIT and Peachpit Press.

The growing trend of bring your own device (BYOD) policies mean that more iPhones, iPads, and Macs are moving into the workplace along with an increasing number of Android devices. This is great news for professionals of all stripe because it means choosing the technology best fit for the job. But, it is a challenge for employers and IT departments to ensure those devices can reliably and securely access all kinds of resources.

It also means owners of these devices need to understand how to get the most out of them on the job. Equally important is avoiding some of the potential pitfalls to using your personal device for work – like ensuring you don’t accidentally leak confidential material or send inappropriate pictures or social media posts to your boss or coworkers.

Ryan will be writing mostly about business and IT topics – things like Apple’s assault on the workplace, how to manage Macs and iOS devices in enterprise and small business environments, public and private cloud services, collaboration tools, and work-related apps. He will also be taking a look at the changing face of IT and what this means for current and potential tech professionals.

Ryan will be bringing his perspective as a former IT director and as a systems/network administrator to Cult of Mac, as well as 15-plus years of covering Apple, IT, and mobile tech as a journalist.

“My mission is to provide useful tips and a library of resources for everyone – IT folks, executive staff, and everyday professionals,” he says.

Apple, mobile technology, and the concept of cloud computing are transforming virtually every type of workplace. That makes this an exciting time – it can also often make this a confusing time.

“I see my job as making it a bit less confusing and stressful and I’m incredibly excited to be part of this adventure,” Ryan says.