After Prototype Leaked, That Camera Equipped iPod Nano Will Launch In The Next Three Months [Rumor]



Remember that iPod nano prototype we saw this morning, complete with 1.3MP camera? A prototype for a reason, says a new report, which claims that while Apple does want to put a camera on the next-generation iPod nano, this particular prototype took pictures so crummy that Apple shelved it.

MIC Gadget says about the nano prototype:

It’s real, and it’s a two-month-old prototype that has big problems. It comes with an auto iris lens that can be affected by diffraction and blurring when the iris opening becomes too small in bright conditions. Ok, I gotta say it simply, it takes overexposed photos.

According to our factory sources, Apple have problems with the lens aperture for the next-gen iPod nano, the iris is not functioning correctly to allow the advantages of the low aperture to be utilized.

More interestingly, MIC Gadget also claims that Apple has already perfected the camera software interface, and that even with this prototype setback, Apple intends on launching the next iPod nano featuring a built-in camera in the next three months.

That would certainly be nice, even though I’m still a little confused about the point of a camera in a device this small. What do you think? Could you see yourself taking a photo with your nano? Let us know in the comments.